BBC EastEnders viewers ‘rumble’ death twist after flower clue in funeral pictures

EastEnders cast were pictured filming funeral scenes this week with it said to be after the death of character Aunt Sal on the BBC soap - but fans spotted something that could tease another demise

EastEnders viewers think they’ve rumbled a shocking death, after a possible clue in some pictures from the filming of a funeral on the BBC soap.

Cast members were on location this week filming sad scenes, which were thought to be for the funeral of Mitchell relative Aunt Sal. News will apparently reach the Mitchells in the coming weeks that Aunt Sal has passed away, with her funeral set to air in the new year.

But something in the images from filming has sparked speculation there could be another death on the way, amid the Christmas Day murder. Viewers know that a mystery male character will be killed off this Christmas, while one of six female characters are tipped to be the killer.

Fans couldn’t help notice a flower arrangement behind the cast members during filming, which spelled out a word or a name. While the full word was not in shot, it looked like the letters started with ‘d’ and ‘a’.

EastEnders viewers think they've rumbled a shocking death

EastEnders viewers think they’ve rumbled a shocking death 

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BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Viewers were a little confused, unsure how this would be for Aunt Sal, and speculation began that perhaps it wasn’t Aunt Sal’s funeral after all. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, viewers questioned if it could be the funeral of the killed character who dies at Christmas.

Wondering if the flowers spelled out ‘dad’, fans predicted either Phil Mitchell or Jack Branning could end up dying, or maybe even Max Branning following another recent clue. Lauren Branning and Penny Branning are both returning to the show, and their promo shot saw them both wearing black.

This with the possible flower clue left many convinced a popular character will die, while many fans pointed out the flowers could be for a separate funeral. One viewer posted: “That’s not how you spell ‘Aunt Sal'”, as another said: “Weird feeling its max branning.”

EastEnders cast were pictured filming funeral scenes this week

EastEnders cast were pictured filming funeral scenes this week 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

A third fan wrote: “So it’s someone’s dad cause there’s nobody on the square with a name starting with ‘Da’.” A fourth said: “dad?? got to be a christmas body funeral right?” as a fifth wrote: “What if it’s actually Phil’s funeral and Steve is just there as to not give it away.”

A further post read: “‘da’ as in dad? could peter or jack be the dead body?”. Aunt Sal actress Anna Karen sadly passed away in 2022 at the age of 85, while the BBC soap has yet to confirm the funeral storyline on the show.

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