BBC EastEnders return ‘sealed’ and blaze ‘confirmed’ as fans ‘work out’ soap twists

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans believe they’ve spotted a series of major clues that a character is set to make a dramatic return and a fire at Kathy’s café is on the horizon

BBC EastEnders fans are convinced they’ve spotted a major giveaway about two huge plotlines.

Fans tuned into Wednesday’s episode of the soap opera (October 25) where Jay was seen hitting rock bottom after being kicked out of the Queen Vic after George found his drugs, and dropping Lola’s ashes on the floor in a bust up with Billy. But amid the drama in the square, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a series of clue throughout the episode.

As Linda and Elaine were talking in the Vic, the song Ruby by the Kaiser Cheifs was heard playing in the pub – causing some fans to believe it was a secret clue that she is about the return. “RUBY playing in the Vic. We know she looms,” said one fan.


some fans to believe Ruby is about the return (Image: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

“omg so true i heard it!,” responded a second. While a third added: “Did anywhere else hear Ruby playing in the Vic? That’s def a clue she’s coming back??”

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The last time viewers saw Ruby was when she was led away from Albert Square in handcuffs after the Slater family finally got justice for Ruby’s pack of lies after she claimed Stacey made her lose her baby. Fans have been theorising that she has been leaking information about Stacey to her stalker Theo and is about to take make an epic return.

fans anticipate a potentially deadly blaze is on the horizon at Kathy’s cafe (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Another clue spotted in the episode was when a song about starting a fire was heard playing in front of Kathy’s café – as fans anticipate a potentially deadly blaze is on the horizon. “Firestarter on Bridge Street Market whilst Billy and Jay were talking in front of Kathy’s Café,” said one fan.

“The songs are clues I just heard Firestarter on Bridge Street Market outside kathy’s café!!” penned another. Elsewhere in the episode, Jay had bumped into Keanu, and the pair had almost fought, unaware that Sharon was watching, before Billy had stepped in and instructed Jay to head to No.29B to find something of Lola’s for Lexi to wear.

Jay was in a car accident (Image: BBC)

Jay had been overcome with emotion while looking at Lola’s things before Ben and Gina had found him unconscious on the sofa, having taken more drugs. Billy had been disgusted at Jay, and a huge row had erupted between the pair before Jay had accidentally smashed Lola’s urn.

Billy had ordered Jay out of their lives for good, and a heartbroken Jay had decided to drive to Margate against Gina’s wishes. Later, the police had arrived at The Vic looking for Jay’s next-of-kin as it was revealed Jay had been in an accident.

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