BBC EastEnders spoilers for next week: Four exits, shock romance and dark Dean twist

EastEnders viewers can expect huge scenes next week on the show, from multiple characters leaving Walford to two shocking romances and a dark twist involving Dean Wicks

EastEnders viewers can expect huge scenes next week on the show

EastEnders spoilers for next week’s episodes reveal drama, bombshells and some unexpected twists on the BBC soap.

There’s four exits on the show, as four different characters have reasons to be out of Walford for an unspecified amount of time. There’s also two new romances, both of which send shockwaves across the Square.

One of which leads to a showdown with the pair’s exes, while one family is furious with some big news. There’s worrying scenes ahead too, as a dark twist sees rapist Dean Wicks possibly striking again.

There’s also panic ahead for The Six after the Christmas Day murder, as Nish Panesar claims his memory has returned. Here are the biggest moments airing next week on he show…

EastEnders spoilers for next week's episodes reveal drama

EastEnders spoilers for next week’s episodes reveal drama 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Shock romance

EastEnders viewers will see two unlikely residents possibly get together in upcoming scenes on the BBC soap. Two residents agree to a date with romance possibly on the horizon, just weeks on from both of them being embroiled in marriage splits. In a twist we did not see coming, Nish Panesar and Kat Slater get closer after recent events.

Nish’s wife Suki finally left him for her partner Eve Unwin after his controlling and abusive behaviour led to dramatic scenes. After years of hiding her true self, Suki ended her marriage to Nish and gave things a go with Eve, which obviously didn’t go down well with her husband.

But with Suki having the support of Walford residents and her family, it seems next week Nish realises he’s on his own and there’s no going back. Meanwhile Kat calls it quits with her partner Phil Mitchell it seems, after his infidelity is exposed in upcoming scenes.

Kat learns of Phil sleeping with Emma Harding last year, leaving her distraught. It seems in the fallout she’s avoiding Phil, and could seek comfort in Nish.

Spoilers reveal that Priya advises Nish to get on with his life as Suki is never coming back. So Nish asks Kat out on a date, but she reveals she’s not ready for dating after her split.

When Stacey Slater finds out her cousin’s been offered a date with Nish, she is determined to stop her and reveals what he did to her best friend Eve. Kat soon marches over to confront Nish to demand answers, but she softens when he shares his version of events.

She ends up agreeing to a date and the pair head to Walford East, where things get awkward as Phil spots them together. Phil makes harsh jibes at Kat, leaving her hurt, so she flees the date with Nish soon following her.

Dean strikes again?

EastEnders airs concerning scenes next week

EastEnders airs concerning scenes next week 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders airs concerning scenes next week on the BBC soap, as Gina Knight sees Dean Wick’s true colours after their romance is exposed. The pair have grown closer recently with Gina backing rapist Dean, despite Walford residents knowing he attacked Linda Carter in 2014. He also attempted to rape girlfriend Roxy Mitchell after this, before he left the show in 2016.

Residents were sickened last year when Dean returned to the show, and he repeatedly claimed to be innocent. He even set up Linda to make her say that he had not raped her, but residents saw right through this.

Except Linda’s stepsister Gina did not, and she’s made it clear she believes Dean over her. In spoilers for next week’s episodes, it’s revealed the pair are in a secret relationship with them seen kissing. But Dean decides to cause drama when Gina makes it clear she wants no one to know about them.

After his attempts to manipulate her fail, he outs their romance to the whole pub including Gina’s shocked family. Later in the week the pair ignore the people against their romance and decide to have a romantic night in, despite warnings to Gina.

However, the date takes a dark turn when Gina finally sees Dean’s true colours. What happens, and will she finally call things off with the character?

Four exits

EastEnders will air four departures next week on the BBC soap, with new opportunities and worrying news ahead. Four different characters are set to leave Walford, including one resident who will at some point make a permanent exit from the show.

While it’s thought all four characters who leave next week will be back soon, there’s a chance that only three of the four characters will be back on screen. That’s because one of the names was confirmed to be leaving the soap after over 15 years a few months ago, while they remain on screen for the time being.

So might the exit next week see her gone for good already? As for the other three, some family news and a business opportunity see them all departing Walford for some time away, but they are thought to be returning.

That said, it has not been specified how long they will be gone for or when they will be back. The characters making swift exits after Martin Fowler, Whitney Dean, Kim Fox and Howie Danes.

The Six under threat

EastEnders' The Six could find themselves in danger in upcoming scenes as Nish Panesar reveals his memory is returning after the deadly Christmas Day twist

There’s also panic ahead for The Six after the Christmas Day murder 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders’ The Six could find themselves in danger in upcoming scenes as Nish Panesar reveals his memory is returning after the deadly Christmas Day twist. The character has been in a coma for weeks ever since he was hit over the head with a glass bottle by Denise Fox.

On Christmas Day, Nish’s actions including his plot to kill wife Suki’s lover Eve Unwin finally came to light, resulting in a deadly showdown. Suki had vowed to leave Nish after he attacked her, before he turned on his own family. With the help of Kathy Beale, Stacey Slater, Sharon Watts, Denise and Linda Carter, Suki vowed to end her marriage for once and for all.

Fans know that Nish headed to the pub to confront Suki, and when she asked for a divorce and things didn’t go his way he turned violent. As he dragged her towards the doors no doubt ready to take his revenge, The Six battled to stop him hurting Suki and Denise attacked him.

He was declared dead only for Suki to revive him, and Nish was left in a coma in hospital. In upcoming scenes, Nish begins to get suspicious after hearing Suki and Linda having a clandestine conversation about the café. During a day of probing, Nish gleans enough information from Denise and Linda to realise they are hiding something.

And it’s not long until Suki’s blood runs cold when Nish explains his memory is returning. Later, Nish tells Suki that she needs to sign over all their businesses to him or he’ll go to the police. Later, some of the women meet for a panicked conversation about how to handle Nish, and they agree that Suki must agree to his demands to protect them. Does Nish really remember what happened and what will Suki do?

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