EastEnders spoilers: A marriage in crisis, murder trauma and fresh agony for Linda

EastEnders picture shows Stacey, Jack, Denise, Nish and Suki
Discoveries and heartbreak next week (Picture: BBC)

The drama is not letting up in Walford as EastEnders’ big Christmas episodes approach.

Next week’s episodes see a marriage hit the rocks, while missing Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) continues to weigh heavily on Suki Panesar’s (Balvinder Sopal) mind.

Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) has been growing closer to Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) of late, but that’s not the only reason that his relationship with Denise Fox (Diane Parish) has been wavering.

The pair make a last ditch attempt to get things back on track but disaster strikes and hearts are broken.

It’s set to be the catalyst for some intense developments.

Eve remains missing and Suki is fearing the worst but there’s an interesting turn of events.

Nish (Navin Chowdhry) remains a serious danger, but Suki is prepared to make him pay for what he’s done.

Another dangerous local is Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo), whose presence on Albert Square drives Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) to further despair.

And some bad news gives him a sudden epiphany.

Monday December 18

Jack and Amy EastEnders
Amy finds herself on the end of Jack’s temper (Picture: BBC)

Jack wakes at No.27 full of regret lashes out at Amy and Ricky. After bumping into the sorry pair in the Square, Denise heads to No.20 to fight for her marriage.

Denise reluctantly heads back to No.27 to continue their conversation after they’re interrupted by Raymond.

The market traders are full of Christmas cheer, but Billy isn’t in the mood to celebrate without Lola. After setting up an illegal pitch, Honey agrees to turn a blind eye if Alfie joins forces with Billy in the hope it will cheer him up.

Stacey is shocked when she receives flowers from Eve at the bap van, but Suki is convinced they’re not from Eve.

After some investigation on Nish’s laptop, Suki pales to learn that he sent the flowers and therefore he must know about her affair.

Suki heads to No.31 and reveals all to Stacey as they both worry about Eve’s safety. Fearing the worst, Suki plans her revenge.

Wednesday December 20

Suki looks at her phone in EastEnders
Suki is desperate for news (Picture: BBC)

Suki puts her plan into action and asks Vinny to stay out for the evening so she can spend some alone time with Nish.

Stacey bursts in on Suki whilst she’s preparing their meal, and tries to dissuade her from doing anything stupid Stacey leaves as Nish arrives home.

Denise reels at her discovery and heads to No.20 where Kim reasons she must divorce Jack as their marriage is over.

Meanwhile, Jack tells a horrified Stacey that Nish and Ravi have both been arrested for Eve’s murder.

Billy and Alfie’s sales are a roaring success. Elsewhere, Sharon and Keanu head to The Vic to celebrate finally putting Keanu’s name on Albie’s birth certificate.

Meanwhile, Dean is stunned to receive a call from the hospital about a transplant for Jade. Gina congratulates him.

Thursday December 21

Dean takes a phone call in EastEnders
Dean reels from shock news (Picture: BBC)

Denise decides once and for all she wants to put an end to her marriage and packs a bag to leave, but she is stopped by a horrified Amy who flees from No.27.

Jack and Denise frantically search for Amy before they find her crying in the playground. Jack blames Denise for Amy’s current mental state, and forbids Denise to leave the family home.

Sharon and Linda collect her dream wedding dress, but once back in the Square, Tommy accidentally sends the dress flying into the road.

In The Vic, Sharon reasons that it must be a sign for her to cancel the wedding, but after some encouraging words from Linda, and a new dress from Kathy, Sharon decides to forge ahead.

Dean drowns his sorrows after Jade’s transplant is called off, and gets food for thought after a conversation with Rocky about forgiveness.

Friday December 22

Linda and Sharon linking arms in EastEnders
Sharon and Linda both have a lot on their minds (Pictures: BBC)

Jack attempts to make amends with Denise but she tells him she can’t forgive him for using Amy’s mental health to blackmail her.

Things continue to spiral for Jack when Stacey tries to interfere in his relationship troubles.

The Walford carol concert is in jeopardy when Kim loses her voice, but Howie steps up after some words of encouragement from Patrick.

Sharon, Kathy, Linda, Stacey, Suki and Denise all watch on as they try to suppress their inner torment

Linda is comforted by Elaine and Sharon.

Honey gives Jay a recorded message from Lola, and after some words of encouragement, he is surprised by what he hears…


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