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BBC EastEnders’ Stacey Slater ‘sealed’ as killer: Nish revenge, dress clue and ‘history repeats’

EastEnders has dropped a number of hints that Stacey Slater may be the killer on Christmas Day that murders a mystery male character on the BBC soap, in scenes to air next week

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EastEnders viewers have spotted clues that could reveal Stacey Slater kills again this Christmas.

One character will turn killer next week on the BBC soap, this Christmas Day, as a shocking storyline finally leads to the moment we have all been waiting for. Back in February, we found out that one mystery male character will be killed off at The Queen Vic at Christmas.

It seemed some sort of showdown has occurred, with blood, injuries and ripped clothing seen in the clip, as well as a dead body on the floor. One of six female characters are tipped to be the killer, with Suki Panesar, Kathy Beale, Linda Carter, Denise Fox, Stacey and Sharon Watts all at the scene of the crime.

Clues, motives and possible victims have been revealed since the clip aired, and we now have seven possible victims including Phil Mitchell, Keanu Taylor, Dean Wicks, Nish Panesar, Ravi Gulati, Rocky Cotton and Jack Branning. Now, a number of clues may have sealed Stacey as the killer, with two possible victims…


EastEnders viewers have spotted clues that could reveal Stacey Slater kills again 

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Dress clue

During a recent chat with The Mirror and other press, EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw explained the significance of the coloured dresses worn by the suspects – and how it could have been very different. He said: “They’re their colours, aren’t they really?

“We did have a very early meeting – like last October. We discussed at one point – there was an idea that they were all going to wear different shades of red but then it just didn’t feel right. For various reasons, and actually we didn’t land on that and we went with individual colours that suit their characters.”

Whilst in the flashforward, Denise is wearing green, Linda is wearing pink, Suki is in blue, Sharon is dressed white and Kathy is wearing purple, one person is still wearing red – Stacey Slater, who can be seen in a sparkly red gown. Does that now mean that Stacey is the killer, and will that help us narrow down the list of victims from seven to just a few?

Flashforward teaser

EastEnders Stacey Slater

EastEnders has dropped a number of hints that Stacey Slater may be the killer on Christmas Day 



The original clip of the shocking moment shows Stacey with her hands covered in blood. She is stood in front of a figure of a knight in shining armour, and recently fans noticed Jack Branning was stood behind Stacey in a similar way amid their affair twist.

Stacey was wearing red in this scene too, and fans are sure it’s linked. As for the original clip, she looks very shocked with her hands held out shaking and covered in blood – so had she just killed someone?

Affair twist

Eastenders Stacey and Jack

Stacey and Jack gave into passion 



As fans know, Stacey and Jack gave into passion last week and had a one-night stand. It was revealed in a recent episode that they had slept together and not just kissed.

Jack’s wife Denise Fox found out he had cheated on her, and it also appeared she’s worked out it’s Stacey who is the mystery woman. Fans are now wondering whether the affair could lead to Stacey attacking and killing Jack.

Nish Panesar revenge

Another possible victim if Stacey is the killer could be Nish. In the latest episode of the BBC soap, Stacey found out that Nish had possibly harmed her best friend Eve Unwin.

Eve was having a secret romance with Nish’s wife Suki, and what Suki and Stacey don’t know is that he attacked Eve. He then had his son Ravi kill Eve and dispose of her body – only for Ravi to not go through with it.

Eve has fled, and now Nish is sending messages and flowers as Eve to make it seem as though she’s started a new life elsewhere. But Suki now knows that Nish found out about the affair, and both she and Stacey are fearing for Eve’s safety.

Stacey told Suki she wanted to make Nish hurt as much as possible, and urged Suki not to give him all the power. So will Stacey end up killing Nish as revenge for Eve?

History repeats itself

Archie Mitchell EastEnders

Stacey has killed before on EastEnders, murdering Archie Mitchell 



The biggest clue that Stacey is the killer is the fact she has already committed this crime before, at the same scene. Back in 2009, Stacey murdered her rapist Archie Mitchell in The Vic on Christmas Day, very close to the spot the body will be laying.

For Stacey to be back in the very same location and involved in a brutal death on the very same day 14 years later, surely it cannot be a coincidence? Then again this could be a major red herring, because surely Stacey would not do the same thing twice.

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