BBC EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa teases new romance for Lauren as she makes Walford return

Lauren Branning star Jacqueline Jossa has teased some potential romance ahead for her character as she returns to EastEnders alongside Penny Branning, played by Kitty Castledine

Lauren Branning star Jacqueline Jossa has teased romance ahead for her character as she returns to EastEnders.

The much-loved EastEnders actress will make a welcome return to Walford this New Year alongside her cousin Penny Branning, but Jacqueline has teased there could be a new love interest on the cards for Lauren in the near future.

Speaking about her reason for heading back to the Square, she said: “She’s just spent Christmas in Paris with Penny and Louie, but she has had boys on her mind… Well, one boy in particular. [laughs] She’s also been feeling pretty homesick.”

Lauren is back!

Lauren is back! 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

However, things don’t look like they are too smooth sailing for her and Peter.

“They are co-parents, and they have a son together, so the relationship is amicable. I think there is a lot of love there, and I don’t think Lauren will ever lose that because Peter is her first love,” she said, and when asked if there was any chance of a romantic reunion for them, she added: “It’s EastEnders, so I have no idea if they could make it work, but the will they/won’t they is fun, and the audience hopes they will at some point. But then, equally, it’s an interesting choice to just have them co-parenting, so I would be happy to explore both. I feel like Lauren and Peter just go together like peanut butter and jelly.”

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She will be returning alongside Penny Branning, who will be played by Kitty Castledine. Speaking about their bond, Jacqueline revealed: “It was like magic when I met Kitty because I immediately felt so close to her.

“We’ve had so much fun filming together, and she is so incredible – it’s been such a joy. I think one of the reasons that I’ve enjoyed being back so much is that I’m in this strong female power duo with Kitty on-screen. I absolutely love her, and she’s really good as Penny. She’s new to this EastEnders world, so it’s been fun to take her under my wing, but she’s been teaching me things as well. That’s what I love about this show – you are always learning something. It’s just amazing.”

Lauren and Penny will become a new double act, but Kitty doesn’t want her character to replace Abi Branning.

She said: “Family is really important to everyone in Albert Square, and it’s nice to have this family connection between Lauren and Penny because it’s something they’ve both been missing. Penny is so aware of Lauren missing Abi, and Penny would never want to replace Abi, but I think it’s a nice little outlet for Lauren to grieve because in Penny, she has someone who is there to be close to.”

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