BBC EastEnders star ‘lets slip’ who won’t die at Christmas – and when death happens

EastEnders writer Sharon Marshall may have given away two big hints about the looming Christmas Day episode of the BBC soap, that will see one character kill another

New EastEnders Christmas Day episode teasers may have come to light ahead of the brutal murder next week.

Show writer Sharon Marshall potentially let slip a major detail about when the death will air specifically, in which part of the big hour-long episode. She also may have let slip one male character that doesn’t die next week despite being listed as a possible suspect.

While she didn’t give anything away as to who does die and who the killer is, she hinted she knew the details which are being kept under wraps until the scenes air. With her being a key part of the writing team it’s not surprising that she would know this information, no doubt planning plenty of scenes for episodes well into 2024.

But as she tried very carefully not to give anything away as she hinted at Christmas Day spoilers, Sharon possibly gave away one of the listed victims would survive the big moment. Not only that, but she potentially revealed which part of the episode the death will happen in too.

EastEnders writer Sharon Marshall

EastEnders writer Sharon Marshall may have given away two big hints about the looming Christmas Day episode 



Speaking about the Christmas episode, she teased: “That episode of course is gonna end with somebody getting killed. I am loving people’s guesses. I’ve got my poker face on.”

While Sharon could have been talking generally about the episode in terms of it ending with a death, could she be hinting that viewers will see the murder take place right at the end on Christmas Day? After all, Boxing Day spoilers hint that this is the episode where the murder fallout will air.

A spoiler on the EastEnders website reveals: “The Six are driven to desperate measures as the magnitude of the situation starts to settle in.” It’s then that host Josie said: “No, they can’t kill Phil,” after a viewer messaged in with this theory.


One EastEnders character will be killed off 



Sharon replied: “Yeah,” before quickly adding: “Well, I’m saying nothing. Poker face…” While she may have just not heard Josie’s question properly and responded generally, it would certainly back some fans’ view that Phil will not die.

Taking to X, one viewer posted: “Catching up on #EastEnders and I just honestly can’t see either of Phil or Jack being the body at Christmas.” Another said: “Phil and Rocky are the survivors of The Six.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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