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BBC EastEnders Suki fate ‘sealed’ as escape plan exposed – but not by Nish

EastEnders fans believe Suki Panesar could be in danger as someone in the house has discovered the contents of her goodbye letter – but it's not evil husband Nish

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EastEnders fans have speculated about a dangerous twist involving Suki Panesar.

During Thursday’s episode (November 23) of the BBC soap, Suki decided it was the perfect time to leave as Nish was held up in meetings all day. With the help of Vinny, Suki gathered some money for her trip to Glasgow.

Writing Nish a goodbye letter, Suki put the final touches of her escape together as she planned to flee Walford for good. Before leaving, Suki asked Stacey where she could find Eve as she wanted to say goodbye.

Stacey warned Suki to stay away from Eve, given that she is now happy with Tessa who isn’t ashamed to show off their relationship. Suki then headed to the tube station, bidding her final farewell to the Square without seeing Eve.

Suki was stunned as she bumped into Eve at the station
Suki was stunned as she bumped into Eve at the station (Image: BBC)
Back at The Vic, Eve opened up to Tessa about still being in love with someone else. Tessa understood and accepted her decision to end their relationship.

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Overhearing the conversation, Vinny stepped in and warned Eve that Suki was leaving from Euston, saying she might be able to catch her if she hurries.

Eve dashed to the station but was shocked when she bumped into Suki, who was returning after problems with the tube. The pair sat outside the station as Suki asked Eve to leave with her.

Eve and Suki agreed to give things a real go
Eve and Suki agreed to give things a real go (Image: BBC)Confessing that she loves Eve and hasn’t stopped, Suki declared that she wants to be with her everyday. “This is who I am,” Suki said as she held onto Eve’s hand.

Eve agreed to leave with her but asked to stay for a few more hours because of Stacey’s court case with Theo. Suki then realised she left the letter for Nish and raced back to get it before he did.

Fans believe Priya will use the letter to blackmail Suki
Fans believe Priya will use the letter to blackmail Suki (Image: BBC)

At the end of the episode, Nish and Priya arrived home as the letter was sat on the table in the kitchen. Fans raced to social media, speculating that Priya will find the letter and use it against Suki.

One person wrote: “Uh oh. Priya is gonna have the perfect hold over Suki now.” Another said: “Guessing Priya will probably blackmail Suki…”

A third echoed: “Priya is about to f**k s**t upppppp. suki is giving modern classics girlie though, a whole letter. I wouldn’t have even bothered.”

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