BBC EastEnders viewers ‘rumble’ Linda Carter and Phil Mitchell twist after DNA bombshell

EastEnders viewers think they have worked out a major new twist involving Linda Carter and Phil Mitchell, following a confession by Sharon Watts on the BBC soap

EastEnders viewers think Linda Carter could be about to cause drama on the BBC soap after she made a big discovery.

Some fans think a twist involving Phil Mitchell will soon air, following a confession from Linda’s pal Sharon Watts. On Wednesday night, Linda learned the truth about Sharon’s son Albie’s paternity, after a DNA discovery a few weeks ago.

Albie had some tests at the hospital which confirmed he had a rare liver condition, and that both parents had to be a carrier. This ruled out Keanu Taylor has being the youngster’s father, despite Sharon believing he was for the past three years.

Ahead of Sharon’s wedding to Keanu, she was torn over whether to tell Phil he had to be Albie’s dad. Sharon welcomed Albie almost four years ago, after falling pregnant amid an affair with her now fiancé Keanu.

EastEnders viewers think they have worked out a major new twist involving Linda Carter and Phil Mitchell

EastEnders viewers think they have worked out a major new twist involving Linda Carter and Phil Mitchell 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Sharon cheated on Phil and a test appeared to confirm he was not the father of her child, and Keanu was. But this was all revealed to be false in a recent episode, as a health scare saw Sharon learn Keanu could not be Albie’s dad.

She realised Phil had to be the dad and despite initially trying to tell him, she ended up keeping it a secret from him and Keanu. Keanu has no idea about Albie not being his biological son ahead of his Christmas Day wedding – with both Phil and Keanu teased to die in a major death twist this Christmas.

On Wednesday, moments after alcoholic Linda confided in Phil about her drinking again she made a shocking discovery. Sharon told her about Albie, while initially claiming Phil was not Albie’s father. Eventually she did confess the truth, while Linda was drunk.

Linda had hit the bottle after recent drama and a falling out with Sharon, and as Sharon vowed to help her she confessed all about Albie. Linda seemed torn over Phil not knowing the truth, and now fans are convinced a major twist will occur that could lead to the explosive Christmas scenes.

Linda Carter knows Sharon Watts' secret

Linda Carter knows Sharon Watts’ secret 



Taking to X, viewers shared a theory that Linda would end up spilling the beans to Phil about Albie being his son, with some even wondering if it would lead to Phil or Keanu dying. One fan said: “Linda gets drunk and let’s slip that Phil is the baby’s dad and that’s the reason for the killing ! ….I reckon.”

Another viewer said: “Bettings on Linda telling Phil or someone when she’s drunk??” A third added: “Why the f**k did Sharon thought it was a good time to tell a drunk Linda that Phil is Albie’s dad?” as a fourth wrote: “Sharon still thought now was the best time to tell Linda Phil’s actually Albie’s Daddy. Her biggest mistake yet, potentially & that’s saying something.”

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