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BBC EastEnders viewers ‘solve’ real reason for Lauren Branning’s return in ‘tragic twist’

EastEnders viewers are convinced Lauren Branning will return to Walford with her cousin Penny for a tragic reason on the BBC soap, amid fears one character will die

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EastEnders viewers think they’ve worked out a tragic twist, and why Lauren Branning will return to the BBC soap.

Jacqueline Jossa was confirmed to be returning to Walford recently as Lauren, after a brief comeback earlier in the year. More recently, it was confirmed she would not be returning alone as her cousin Penny Branning is also back in Walford, where her father Jack Branning lives.

While the reason for the double comeback is yet to be revealed, fans noticed in a promo shot that both women were wearing black. Does a death bring them back to Albert Square?

Amid a horrifying fire twist on the BBC soap, some fans are now convinced they know what leads to the comeback of Lauren. Her ex and the father of her child Peter Beale is fighting for his life after the café explosion.

His fate remains unknown, but he’s said to be in a bad way. So might Peter lose his life leading to Lauren coming back? Or might his injuries spark a return for Lauren?

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EastEnders viewers think they've worked out a tragic twist

EastEnders viewers think they’ve worked out a tragic twist 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Lauren Branning will return to Walford with her cousin Penny

Lauren Branning will return to Walford with her cousin Penny 



Viewers are convinced Peter could be linked to Lauren’s comeback, and they are now fearing the worst. Taking to Twitter, fans questioned whether Peter might be killed off in a major twist and perhaps Lauren will be back for his funeral.

One fan commented: “OMG! Please don’t tell me Lauren and Penny are back and dressed in black for Peter or Bobby’s funeral.” Another agreed: “Yeah Peter being in hospital might be what brings Lauren back to Walford with Penny.”

A third fan tweeted: “I don’t think he will, but I can see Lauren returning to see him and bring Louie with her. However Peter dying may explain Penny arriving as they are cousins – but that could be another reason.”

A further comment read: “Wait… all the spoilers say Cindy is heartbroken after the fire, what if Peter dies saving Bobby and this is what brings Lauren back to the square for his funeral?” Viewers will have to tune in to the BBC soap in the coming days to find out what happens to Bobby and Peter, and what might bring Lauren back.

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