BBC EastEnders viewers spot key sign signalling Nish Panesar’s dramatic downfall

EastEnders fans reckon they've figured out what will happen to Nish Panesar after he continued to terrorise The Six following the assault on him on Christmas Day

Fans think Suki has planned Nish's downfall

EastEnders’ Nish Paneesar’s downfall has been sealed, according to eagle-eyed fans.

In recent episodes, Nish has been terrorising his soon-to-be ex-wife Suki Panesar as well as Sharon Watts, Stacey Slater, Linda Carter, Denise Fox and Kathy Beale. The dodgy businessman has hinted to The Six that his memory about Christmas Day is coming back – despite having no recollection at all.

As he continued to integrate the women to find out what happened, the likes of Linda and Denise started to crumble, believing Nish remembers Denise hitting him over the head. But Nish’s plan is much more sinister, he revealed to Suki he has no recollection of the incident, despite The Six claiming Keanu Taylor struck him over the head.

EastEnders fans think they've worked out Nish's downfall

EastEnders fans think they’ve worked out Nish’s downfall

However, the crook has started playing games with his estranged wife after she revealed she would be leaving him to start a new life with her girlfriend, Eve Unwin. Suki had demanded that as part of their divorce deal, she would walk away almost empty-handed – as long as Nish signed over the cafe to her.

Unbeknownst to Nish, Suki is demanding this as Keanu is actually buried under the cafe after being stabbed to death by Linda when he launched an attack against her best friend, Sharon. But tonight’s episode of the BBC soap saw Suki left shocked when Nish refused to hand over the cafe to her.

Nish took ownership of the cafe after Suki signed the divorce papers

Nish took ownership of the cafe after Suki signed the divorce papers

“The good news is, I’ve decided not to dig anymore into what you and your little mates got up to on Christmas Day,” he explained, before adding: “Not to be fooled but I think there’s better ways to hurt you than going to the police.” When asked if he’d signed the divorce, he said he’d altered the agreement to keep the cafe, for Suki to remain married to him.

“The floors are down, renovations are finished, and I can have the place open by next week,” he revealed. But despite her initial decision to storm off, she later slapped Nish in the chest with the divorce papers outside of the cafe. “The divorce papers, signed, I’d rather eat dog food than stay married to you for any longer,” she quipped before adding: “The only years I was happy was when you were not in my bed, goodbye Nishandeep.”

But EastEnders fans think Suki has an ulterior motive and will once again come out on top and will see her ex-husband sent back to prison after framing him for murder. After all, Keanu, who he previously argued with in the Queen Vic is buried under the floor with the police already believing that he and Nish had a bust-up on Christmas Day.

Nish is unaware that Keanu is buried under the cafe

Nish is unaware that Keanu is buried under the cafe 



New pictures released by the soap show Nish proudly standing outside the cafe in scenes yet to air. One fan said: “Nish has the cafe, eventually the girls, or Sukie herself as revenge, will set him up knowing Keanu is buried there. He will be blamed for killing Keanu and burying him under HIS cafe. Can see it coming a mile off!”

Another added: “Him and Sukie have practically owned the property since Keanu disappeared. And he has form for getting people to do his dirty work so could be set up fairly easily by Sukie/the women. This is Eastenders after all!” Meanwhile a third penned: “Holy s**t! If Suki just walks away and lets Nish get on with it… can’t they just let him… take the fall for everything? If he bought the cafe and renovated it?? It’s gonna look like he did it to cover up him murdering Keanu!? AND NISH HAS FORM!? AHHH! #EastEnders.”

“If Nish owns the Café, he should get done for Keanu’s murder #EastEnders,” exclaimed a fourth.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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