BBC EastEnders viewers thrilled as soap icon makes dramatic return to show

EastEnders aired plenty of drama on Tuesday night, as the BBC soap saw the return of a fan favourite as an 'icon' made their way back to Walford after months away

Dramatic scenes saw one character thrown right back into Walford life, literally, after months off screen. Sam Mitchell, played by Kim Medcalf, made her much anticipated return to the show, and the scenes did not disappoint.

Seven months after she left for Spain for a new job, Sam returned with a bang as she was flung out of a van with it revealed she was in trouble. Her brother Phil Mitchell was stunned to see her chucked out onto the street, before he learned she owed someone money.

Fans had feared Sam was gone for good after her exit earlier this year, but it was soon revealed she would be back. So her comeback on Tuesday night left fans thrilled, with many taking to X to share their reactions.

EastEnders aired plenty of drama on Tuesday night

EastEnders aired plenty of drama on Tuesday night 



One viewer commented: “Icon returns, as another said: “Sam knows how to make an appearance what a queen I’ve missed her #Eastenders.” A third fan wrote: “Welcome back Sam Mitchell,” as a fourth said: “Great to see Sam back.”

A lot has changed in Walford since she was last there, with wedding drama for her brother Phil, the loss of Lola Pearce and Sam’s son Ricky Mitchell, aged 12, welcoming a baby daughter with Lily Slater. Spoilers reveal that Ricky is set to be angry with Sam, again, after she failed to be there for him for the birth of his child.

But this may be the least of their worries, as Sam brings the wrong crowd back to Walford with her after getting herself into trouble. Sam soon runs into the very criminal she’s hiding from and he grabs her, issuing her a threat.

As Phil’s partner Kat sees the commotion she rushes off to get Phil and Billy for help. Luckily for Sam, Phil gets there just in time, and he tells villain Camillo he’ll get his money. Sam heads off to see her son, but he’s furious with her for not telling him she was back straight away.

She insists that now her troubles are behind her, she’s ready to make him and Charli her priority, but Ricky is not convinced and isn’t keen on her seeing his child. Sam asks Lily’s mother Stacey Slater for help, and soon she finally gets to meet her granddaughter – but will she stick around?


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