BBC EastEnders villain Dean Wicks’ return paves way for most explosive soap showdown ever

EastEnders could be setting the scene for one of the BBC soap's biggest ever showdowns this Christmas, with it confirmed a mystery character will be killed off with six suspects at the scene of the crime

EastEnders could be about to air one of its most explosive twists ever, if the news of a returning character has the impact viewers believe it will.

It was revealed this weekend that Dean Wicks was returning to the BBC soap, after actor Matt Di Angelo’s Walford comeback was accidentally leaked by a co-star in a backstage video. While EastEnders are yet to confirm the news, fans spotted Matt in the background of filming in the video posted on TikTok.

The character is in The Vic which is decorated for Christmas, ahead of the brutal Christmas Day death twist set to air in December. Fans have long speculated Linda Carter’s rapist and former brother-in-law Dean would be back, with several clues paving the way for the big twist.

Not only that, but with Linda taking centre stage in the Christmas death plot fans wondered if he could be the mystery victim killed off with Linda being the possible killer. Viewers know that a mystery male character will die this Christmas, with one of six females tipped to be the killer.

The moment was teased in a flashforward in February. In the scene this Christmas, Denise Fox, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale, Sharon Watts and Linda are stood over a dead body in The Queen Vic, while the male’s identity is not known.

Dean Wicks is set to return

Dean Wicks is set to return 


BBC/Kieron McCarron)

It seems like a showdown has occurred as all the women are either covered in blood or their clothes are ripped. Ever since Linda feared Dean would return back in February, after he was pictured with his mother Shirley Carter, it’s been teased he could be back.

Then there was Kathy’s comment to Linda in this same episode, once she found out Dean was back in Shirley’s life. Shirley and the Carters had become estranged from the character after his horrific assault on Linda, with him also trying to down Shirley.

For Shirley to have reunited with her son ahead of her own return to Walford, viewers believed it was only a matter of time before he came back. Kathy’s comment saw her promise she and Linda’s friends would build a protective wall around Linda if he did show his face.

That time has now come it seems, with Linda soon set to face Dean given he is now returning to the show. For him to be spotted in The Vic of all places too, where Linda lives and works, means they will no doubt come face-to-face. Further speculation Dean was on his way back was the hint that Linda would get a huge shock on Halloween – could it be Dean?

Speculation asides, Dean’s return certainly could seal the deal for an explosive showdown for the characters, and anyone else that steps in to help Linda. If it is Dean that is killed this Christmas, and if he is behind the drama unfolding at The Vic in this episode, it could certainly be the most dramatic stand-off we’ve seen on the soap and any soap in a long time, if ever.

Given Linda has a cut lip according to the flashforward, and other characters have ripped clothes or are covered in blood, not to mention they all look terrified, it’s safe to assume we’re in for some deadly and harrowing scenes this Christmas. If it is Dean on the floor, given his history with Walford and his past actions it’s also safe to assume he could turn violent and leave lives on the line in the lead-up to his possible demise.

We have no idea who dies or who is involved in the scene apart from The Six, but Dean’s return could well mean he’s heavily involved in the plot and that he and Linda will become embroiled in a final showdown with catastrophic consequences. If Kathy stays true to her word, and enlists the help of the other women to protect Linda from Dean, we could certainly be in for some unforgettable festive scenes if it ends with him dead on The Queen Vic floor!

Then again, Dean’s comeback would also be quite the red herring and the perfect distraction for bosses as they conceal the true murder victim ahead of the big episodes. There’s still weeks to go, meaning there could be some big surprises and possible new theories emerging on who actually dies.


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