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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Dean’s ill daughter Jade returns to the Square

Gina gives Jade some advice

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EastEnders' Jade, Dean, the background of the Thames

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Monday, December 11), Dean’s daughter Jade turns up in Walford and immediately bonds with Gina in The Vic.

Gina then encourages her to give Dean a chance as Jade opens up about her worrying prognosis.

But, will Jade take Gina’s advice and give her father a second chance in EastEnders spoilers?

Dean and Jade talk on EastEnders
Jade sits down with her father (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Jade returns to Walford

Dean’s daughter Jade turns up in Walford and heads to The Vic where she starts talking to Gina.

Dean turns up as Jade heads off to visit Shabnam’s late son Zaair’s grave. This prompts Jade to think about her own future and prognosis whilst rejecting Dean’s attempts at comfort.

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However, after talking to Gina about her parents, Jade agrees to let Dean be a part of her life again. But, can Dean make things right this time around?

Dean and Keanu arguing on EastEnders
Dean angers Keanu (Credit: BBC)

Dean winds Keanu up

Tensions are high as Keanu deals with his family being high on the gossip list in Walford.

Dean adds fuel to the fire by making harsh comments about Keanu and the Taylors, prompting them both to start arguing in The Vic.

Kathy finds out the truth about the fire (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Kathy finds out the truth about Rocky

Rocky panics as Nish puts more pressure on him to sell the café to him as Harvey encourages him to confess the truth about the fire to Kathy.

However, before he can do so, Kathy agrees to consider Nish’s offer and sells the café to him.

Nish enjoys interfering in Rocky’s mess though and drops hints that he had something to do with the fire.

Kathy then speaks to Harvey and finally learns the truth about Rocky’s involvement in the fire. But, will she confront him?

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