BBC EastEnders wedding day nightmare as Sharon’s revenge ‘sealed’ — with help of co-star

EXCLUSIVE: EastEnders’ Sharon and Keanu are set to tie the knot later this year - but fans and AI now reckon Sharon has a rather cunning plan up her sleeve to “make him pay”

EastEnders’ Keanu Taylor could find himself in danger during his wedding to Sharon Watts as she is set to get her revenge, AI has claimed.

The bad boy, played by Danny Walters has had a rather turbulent relationship with Sharon (Letitia Dean) in the past year. But despite ending their engagement, last week the pair rekindled things to give things another go.

And as fans will recall, their reunion comes after Keanu‘s sick plan to kidnap their child Albie. He teamed up with his mum Karen (Lorraine Stanley) to steal everything Sharon had, including their son Albie.

Fuming, Karen encouraged Keanu to lead the fake kidnapping of his son. She later took the child to a family member’s home, while Keanu forged a ransom note.

Sharon and Keanu have given things another go (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Desperate to get her child back, Sharon convinced Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) to lend her the £50,000 to pay the ‘abductors.’ She was then reunited with her son.

Keanu and Sharon, unaware of her beau’s kidnap plan, have since patched things up and have gotten engaged. But Karen, who has hidden the money, is fuming at them for getting back together – especially as they were plotting revenge against her just days before.

Fans reckon Sharon will make Keanu pay (Image: BBC)

But now, it’s been claimed Sharon could actually find out about Keanu’s deception and get her revenge on the bad guy during their wedding.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, one fan said: “I can’t stand Keanu, I reckon Sharon will find out what he’s done and leave him at the altar!!

Someone else added: “Fully here for Sharon playing Keanu right up to the wedding. She’s going to make him pay and he deserves everything he gets after what he put Sharon through with Albie.”

Keanu recently came up with a sick kidnap plot (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

A third quipped: “Here’s some delusional wishful thinking: As long as Keanu survives Christmas and is still Albie’s dad, Sharon knowing and getting revenge at the wedding could be a good thing for them in the long run.” Another penned: “Truth will out. Sharon will take Keanu to court. If you know Sharon, then you know she’s very serious.”

What’s more, it’s also been claimed that Sharon could recruit a surprise Warlord resident to help get her revenge on Keanu. Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI to see if Sharon could get revenge on Keanu.

AI also reckons Phil will be on hand to help Sharon (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

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The program responded: “Sharon has a history of seeking revenge on those who have wronged her.” However the system noted: “Keanu is also a very cunning and resourceful character.

“He is likely to anticipate Sharon’s moves and try to outwit her. It is also possible that he will try to make amends with her and beg for her forgiveness.”

Bard AI then noted how Phil Mitchell could even help Sharon out. It explained: “Phil is a complex character and his motivations are often unclear. It’s possible that he will help Sharon out of a sense of family loyalty, or because he wants to see Keanu suffer.”

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