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BBC EastEnders’ Whitney Dean makes huge decision tonight ahead of exit after baby news

EastEnders viewers will see Whitney Dean confiding in another Walford resident on Thursday night, as she makes a big decision after her recent pregnancy news ahead of her exit

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EastEnders’ Whitney Dean will come to a big decision on the BBC soap tonight, after some big news.

The character is seen confiding in another character amid a falling out with her partner Zack Hudson. Ahead of her leaving the BBC show for good, the character tells Yolande Trueman about her turmoil after finding out she was pregnant again after a recent loss.

After Whitney learned she was pregnant last year, she and Zack were devastated when they learned their unborn baby daughter had Edwards’ syndrome. Whitney gave birth to daughter Peach after beginning the process of a termination, 18 weeks into the pregnancy.

In the aftermath, Whitney and Zach struggled with their loss and after they reunited, Whitney told him she didn’t want to put her body through another pregnancy and wanted to look into adoption and fostering. But this week, Whitney was shocked to learn she was pregnant again.

Still grieving for Peach, Whitney told Zack she wasn’t sure she could go through with the pregnancy. On Thursday, fans will see the character opening up to Yolande about her decision, and the baby news.

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EastEnders viewers will see Whitney Dean confiding in another Walford resident on Thursday night

EastEnders viewers will see Whitney Dean confiding in another Walford resident on Thursday night 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Whitney heads to the allotment to visit Peach’s tree where she is interrupted by Yolande who shares her own experience on fostering, but Whitney soon breaks down. As Yolande comforts her, Whitney opens up to her about her turmoil leading to some advice from her fellow Walford resident.

After their heart-to-heart, Whitney makes a big decision and heads back to find Zack. But what will she decide, and how will Zack react?

Whitney actress Shona McGarty announced her exit from the BBC soap last year, with her soon set to bow out. It has not been confirmed when the exit will air or how she will leave.

Actress Shona opened up on her exit decision after the news broke. She explained it wasn’t an “easy” decision leaving her friends and colleagues as well as her character behind, and feels grateful she’s been trusted with some of the soap’s biggest stories, including the more sensitive ones too.


Speaking to Inside Soap, she said: “It wasn’t an easy decision because I’ve made so many friends. I’ve seen people come and go, and meanwhile, Whitney has been one of the longest-standing characters.

“I’ve had so much fun and done so many storylines, some of which have been sensitive, and I’ve been honoured to be trusted with such heavy stuff year after year. So I’m going to be sad to say goodbye to my friends and family, but it was the right decision for me as I want to do other things. After 15 years, I’ve had a pretty good run!”

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