BBC Strictly Come Dancing star suffers awkward X-rated blunder during reunion with Amy Dowden

Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden has shared a hilarious story of a prank that backfired for her first celebrity partner on the BBC show, Brian Conley

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Brian Conley encountered an awkward moment when his dane partner during his time on the show, Amy Dowden, came to his house for a meal.

Amy, 33, has taken a break from this year’s Strictly as she battles cancer and is also sporting a plastic cast on her leg after breaking her foot earlier in the month, and she posted the hilarious story on her Instagram Story on Sunday afternoon, in which former EastEnders and West End star Brian revealed the blunder, in which he was trying to embarrass Amy but only ended up embarrassing himself.

As Brian relaxed on a chair in his kitchen, Amy asked him: “What happened when I turned up?” Brian looked initially to be shy to tell all on his faux pas but then opened up about the blunder, saying: “Well, of course, we got the gates out there, you know, and it’s a private drive obviously so I’d had got my bum out thinking it was Amy and her husband Ben but it was her and an Uber driver.”

Brian Conley

Brian Conley shocked Amy Dowden with how he dished up his Sunday roast 



Amy Dowden

Amy Dowden has had a challenging year with her cancer diagnosis 



Brian admitted that he had been confused by the Uber driver being smartly dressed and Amy thought the situation was amusing, especially as she was totally unaware of it happening at the time. Amid her laughter, she said to Brian: “But anyway I was in the back, I didn’t see it. The only person who saw it was the taxi driver.”

On another post to her Instagram Story, Amy was surprised when Brian began dishing himself up some roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings onto his plate. She jokingly rebuked him and asked if he had just used his fingers to put the food on his plate.

Brian was not phased and said, “of course I did, I always do, it’s a roast,” before helping himself to more food without the use of the utensils provided. This comes after Amy shared that she was decorating her home for Christmas and was looking forward to this year’s festivities after a challenging year.

Speaking to the camera in a video posted on her Instagram story, Amy explained: “I know it’s not quite December but after the year I’ve had and now the foot… we are putting up the Christmas decorations!” Amy then panned the camera around towards her tree and laughed as she showed a couple of her friends who were helping out with the decorating. The professional dancer joked: “I’ve got my little elves to come and help me. We’re turning the Jones house into Christmas… my favourite time of the year! I cannot wait!”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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