EastEnders viewers call out big problem with Sam Mitchell’s ‘cheap’ return – raging ‘they’ve ruined the character!’

EASTENDERS fans have been left unimpressed by the soap and their reintroduction of Sam Mitchell.

The wayward Mitchell sister – played by Kim Medcalf – is back in Albert Square and it’s not long before she confirms that trouble is following her.

Fans are not happy with Sam Mitchell's return
Fans are not happy with Sam Mitchell’s returnCredit: BBC
Phil was back to his usual self
Phil was back to his usual selfCredit: BBC

Strong-minded Sam has managed to fall into financial ruin during her few months away from Walford on the BBC soap.

She told Billy Mitchell about her lingering £100,000 debt and how it needed paying off and quickly.

Unable to offer up more than a few pennies, it wasn’t long until Sam was begging at the bank of big brother Phil to help her out of the scenario.

Sam was forced to beg to an initially defiant Phil and at first thought that she wasn’t going to be able to call on him to shed the debt to her mystery business friend.

Having been forced to admit she did not have the funds on her, he attempted to kidnap her and bundle her into his car but Kat Slater was watching on and dragged Phil to the car for him to put a stop to it.

He quickly picked up his trusty baseball bat, located conveniently by the door, and marched over to his sister.

However, fans have blasted that they have ruined the character by focusing on her begging for money and have insinuated she has undergone a ‘personality transplant’.

Commenting online, one said: “I was looking forward to Sam’s return but how cheap is it her coming back begging for money? Does everything have to be so dramatic with her?”

Another added: “I feel like they have regressed Sam again for no real reason as she was great.”

A third fumed of the ‘backwards’ soap: “She went to Spain to provide a better future for Ricky and returns owing 100k?

“I really hope this gangster ransom nonsense ends quickly, Sam was finally stepping up with everyone before she left, I want to see that Sam! Instead, she is being portrayed (from the very little we have seen so far) as a hapless failure and a hopeless mother again.”

As someone else penned: “Sam had become such a great, rounded and central character with depth.

“The last stint was perfect, so why have we gone backwards again.”

Sam's associate was assured he would be paid off
Sam’s associate was assured he would be paid offCredit: BBC

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