BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s Bobby Brazier’s gran savage five-word attack on dad Jeff

Bobby Brazier has reached the semi-finals of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and his gran, Jade Goody's mum, Jackiey Budden couldn't be prouder but has taken a swipe at dad, Jeff Brazier

Footage has emerged of Bobby Brazier dancing with his maternal grandmother Jackiey Budden at a charity ball, years before his Strictly Come Dancing appearance.

It comes after Jackiey, who is the mother of Bobby’s late mum Jade Goody, launched another public attack on Jeff Brazier. Jackiey has taken a number of swipes at Jade’s ex – who raised both their boys following the Big Brother star’s tragic death – during Bobby’s time on Strictly.

Over the weekend a video emerged of Bobby and Jackiey on the dancefloor at a charity ball last year. EastEnders star Bobby is seen showing off the moves that made it an easy decision to sign up for the BBC show. Bobby, 20, and Jackiey, 66, were at the bash to hour Jade back in June 2022, which was hosted by TOWIE stars Mark Wright and James Argent.

Bobby, wearing a shirt and shorts, is seen arm-in-arm with his relative, who is wearing a black velvet jumpsuit at Essex country house hotel Down Hall. Jade’s late husband Jack Tweed managed to raise £30,000 for charity The Trust for Complementary Cancer Rehabilitation.

Jeff Brazier with his son, Bobby

Jeff Brazier with his son, Bobby 

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Channel 4)

It comes as Jackiey said she is a “very proud nan” after watching her grandson on Strictly. She says it is “wonderful” to see him perform on one of her favourite shows but couldn’t help by having a stab at his dad Jeff Brazier, telling MailOnline that Jade’s ex has been a “c**k for f****** nine years”.

She has yet to explain more but after the NTAs, where she was sat amongst the crowd to witness Bobby’s big moment, The Sun reports that she was overheard saying: “I’m so proud of him [Bobby]. He’s incredible. They didn’t know I was there. I didn’t allow them to know I was there. I didn’t want to see their dad. He’s a c**k. But I’m going to wait until they’re older before I let rip.”

In 2012, Jeff told HuffPost how his late ex’s mother made him feel like he was a “mean parent”. The TNT Sports presenter explained that there were numerous “pitfalls and stumbling blocks” in trying to maintain an amicable relationship after a separation, especially with kids involved.

For Jeff, he claimed Jackiey spoiled his sons with ‘unsuitable’ purchases that he had to ‘confiscate’ as a result. According to Jeff, Jade’s mum bought Bobby and Freddie, who were both under 10 at the time, items including a hamster and mobile phone without consulting him first.

He said: “Late nights and excessive amounts of sugar are a grandparents prerogative and were the least of my concerns. I got a phone call from an excitable Freddy telling me he was now the proud owner of a hamster! Great, I feel I have more responsibility than I really know what to do with as it is, let alone introducing a pet into the equation. As I explained to Jackiey, it would have been nice to have been asked because now I’ve been put into a position where I have to be the mean parent who says no and ruins the fun.”

He continued: “This happened before with mobile phones. Yep, a year ago she got them a phone each so she could have direct contact with them both and I don’t remember being asked if I minded on that occasion either. I understand she wants direct contact but they are just too young to be carrying these things around responsibly so we keep them to the house. I can’t fault Jackiey when she’s got the boys, I just wish we could work together a little better.”

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