Strictly’s Bobby Brazier makes emotional confession ahead of family-themed dance

Strictly Come Dancing star Bobby Brazier has revealed there will likely be tears at his performance this weekend as he and partner Dianne Buswell perform their couples' choice routine

Strictly Come Dancing star Bobby Brazier has revealed he may break down in tears during his upcoming couples’ choice performance with partner Diane Buswell.

The EastEnders star joined Dianne and It Takes Two Host Fleur East to discuss their upcoming routine as they revealed their “very emotional” song choice with viewers at home. Fleur played a snippet of the song, This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush, a very slow and heavy song about overcoming adversity.

He then revealed that their routine will be focused on him transitioning from a boy to a man as Dianne represents a mother figure in the routine. He explained: “The theme – I’m a child, well there’s me as a child and then I come out as me now – and then I’ve got Dianne who replicates a woman I would say my mother probably and we go on this journey throughout.

Bobby Brazier has revealed he may break down in tears during his upcoming couples' choice performance

Bobby Brazier has revealed he may break down in tears during his upcoming couples’ choice performance (Image: ITV)

“I don’t know the whole dance yet to tell you the story completely but yeah it’s emotional it’s gonna be lovely. I think there could be tears.” Fans immediately rushed to social media to support Bobby, 20, whose mum, Jade Goody passed away from cancer when he was just five years old. “The last time I got emotional for a Couples Choice was when I watched Rose & Giovanni’s one from 2021 which was also contemporary. I have a feeling it’ll be the same with Bobby on Saturday,” penned one fan.

Fleur was shocked at the revelation (Image: ITV)

A second added: “After hearing the details of Bobby’s upcoming dance on Saturday I can imagine there will not be a dry eye anywhere after it.” A third commented: “Bobby being a child and Dianne channeling Bobbys mum, Jade Goody, this one is going to be very emotional.” When asked to elaborate on his song choice, Bobby gushed: “I could speak for so long about this song.

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DIanne also admitted she was tearing up at the song (Image: ITV)“It’s the perfect song, sung by the perfect person in the perfect tone. They lyrics are just profound and really touch me at my core. Yeah, it’s gorgeous I’m gunna have to work really hard this week to do it justice.”

Diane also admitted she felt the emotion during rehearsals, gushing: “the first ten seconds even when we were in the rehearsal room I actually couldn’t even look at Bobby in the eyes because it made me well up.”

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