Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell’s relationship now – cute nickname and ‘love’ declaration

Strictly Come Dancing's Bobby Braizer and Dianne Buswell made it to the 2023 final after impressing judges and viewers, but their intimate dances had fans talking for other reasons

Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier

The two Strictly dancers instantly hit it off both on and off the dancefloor – but have they stayed close since the final?

Bobby Braizer and Dianne Buswell dazzled their way into the BBC competition final last Christmas but missed out on raising the coveted Glitterball Trophy, which went to Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola. The EastEnders actor, 20, and professional Dianne, 34, grew closer as the weeks went by, with an undeniable bond between them.

Despite Bobby having secretly dating fashion consultant Boadecia Evans for months while Dianne is loved up with YouTuber Joe Sugg, who she met on the show, wild rumours swirled about whether the notorious ‘Strictly curse’ would strike again. Fans went wild when, earlier in the series, the dance partners showcased their chemistry by ending their Argentine Tango by almost kissing.

Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell

Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell shared a strong chemistry on Strictly Come Dancing

But defending their routines, Dianne said on Good Morning Britain: “We obviously did the dance the correct way! If people are saying [we’re romantic with each other], then we did a good job with it.” The young actor, son of the late Jade Goody, agreed, adding: “The story and the intensity and the emotion of it, I loved. Listen, I am ready to turn it all the way up! I enjoy it!”

Refusing to hide their platonic affection for each other, after learning they’d made it to the final, Bobby turned to Dianne and whispered: “I love you so much.” The ballroom and Latin dancer appeared to reciprocate the affection by telling him she loved him too. In another interview, the BBC soap star admitted his partnership with Dianne had been one of a kind.

“I’ve never had a relationship like this before,” he revealed. “Like, as far as any kind of relationship with someone goes, this is the most intense, unique relationship I’ve ever, ever had. Seven weeks with someone every day. Dancing, moaning, laughing. Fuming, joyous – just like in the space of half an hour, by the way! It’s crazy but it’s lovely.”

Once the 2023 competition wrapped up, the partners sadly had to part ways, and Dianne fled to her homeland in Australia in an emotional return to spend time with her cancer-stricken dad, Mark. Dianne had sparked concern from fans with her comments about her personal life as she described Bobby as her “rock” through the turmoil.

But today, the pair were finally able to reunite as they headed all-smiles to rehearsals for Strictly’s annual tour. The pair were snapped in gym gear whilst carrying their lunch, with the actor putting his arm around the pro’s back and giggling.

Alongside the cosey snaps of the two, Bobby declared his love for his partner once again, saying: “Training for tour started today still love Dianne just as much as the end of the show. Can’t wait to dance in front of thousands live, gonna be electric.”

Earlier in the series, Bobby revealed that he has a cute nickname for Dianne, which could have a hidden meaning. He told Closer magazine: “I’ve had a few people message and tell me that they’re enjoying mine and Dianne’s partnership and dances, which is lovely, but I only pay attention to a few of the people sliding into my DMs. My eyes are focused on my Juliet, Dianne.”

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