Danielle Harold downplays ITV I’m A Celebrity feud rumours after shock jungle exit

EastEnders star Danielle Harold revealed all on camp life, after I'm A Celebrity 2023 viewers shared their shock over her not making the final with her eliminated from the jungle on Thursday

I’m A Celebrity star Danielle Harold revealed what it was really like in camp

I’m A Celebrity star Danielle Harold revealed what it was really like in camp (

Image: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity star Danielle Harold revealed what it was really like in camp, after episodes tease feuds and clashes in the jungle.

The former EastEnders star was the latest jungle campmate to be eliminated from the ITV series by hosts Ant and Dec on Thursday evening. Viewers were stunned to find out the actress had been voted out, given she was tipped to make the final from the start of the series – while controversial campmate Farage had somehow survived yet another vote-off.

Speaking on Lorraine on Friday morning hours after her elimination, Danielle shared all about her time on the show as she repeated the fact that all of the campmates got along. The star claimed that everyone had bonded and they were all planning to create a group chat on WhatsApp.

Danielle appeared to cool rumours of cast feud amid the odd clash between some campmates on the show. Campmates including Fred Sirieix, This Morning star Josie Gibson, Nella Rose, Tony Bellew and Nigel Farage have been involved in disagreements this year.

While on Thursday night she admitted to Ant and Dec that during the rows she’d sit back and enjoy, on Friday morning she was quick to downplay any drama. She revealed of the group, and who she had the biggest bond with: “I bonded with everyone in my own way but definitely Sam Thompson, became he was my little bother in there.

I’m A Celebrity star Danielle Harold revealed what it was really like in camp

I’m A Celebrity star Danielle Harold revealed what it was really like in camp 



“Even though he’s the same age as me he’s just like my little brother, we were winding each other up and we had the best time. I love him so much. When I came back to the hotel all the guys were there.

“Nella, Fred, Frankie, it was so overwhelming to see them. I had the time of my life in there with the campmates. They are the best bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending that much time with. I’m so grateful for them, we laughed the whole way through.”

After hearing the news of her elimination on Thursday night, she hugged her campmates and said: “I will eat for all of you and I will give hugs for all of you. Thanks for everything.” Before leaving camp,” as she promised that she would give Josie’s son Reggie an extra big hug.

EastEnders star Danielle Harold revealed all on camp life

EastEnders star Danielle Harold revealed all on camp life 



Speaking to Ant and Dec after leaving, Danielle Harold was shown saying it was the greatest thing she had ever done. She said: “You forget you are on TV and just think you are camping with your mates. My Josie, I am rooting for her so much. She is so much stronger than she thinks she is. She is missing that little one so much but she has got this I know she has.”

Looking at the trials and challenges she did during her 20 days in camp, she looked back at Pole Position the trial she did to enter camp. “I was terrified, honestly, absolutely petrified but I have conquered my fears of heights. Bugs not so much,” she said.

Rooting for Sam to win, she said: “He has literally become like a brother. I think we are both a bit crazy and a bit loud. When someone matches your energy like that, he just makes me laugh. I am so glad that this was my year. you know sometimes you’re watching thinking ‘I wouldn’t want to be in there’ but with them there was not one bad person in there, even Mr Farage.”

On her final day in camp she told Marvin Humes about how she became an actor, via Jamie Oliver’s Dream School. She said: “I won a scholarship and with the money I made a showreel. With that I met an agent. She was like… ‘I can’t take you on my books’… three days after she called me up and said, ‘I just so happen to have an audition drop on my table and I’ve got nobody on my books that fits, they want a young blonde girl’.” Days later she had a role in EastEnders.

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