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‘Disgusting storyline’ rage EastEnders fans as they demand villain is axed for good

Fans fear his wicked ways deserve to be punished as they beg soap bosses to boot the character from the show

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Disgusting storyline' rage EastEnders fans as they demand villain is axed  for good | The Irish Sun

EASTENDERS fans have been left seething and have insisted one show villain must go for good after his recent actions.

Viewers of the BBC soap have been left ranting after Dean Wicks appeared to have sunk his claws into another Walford resident, Gina Knight.

Fans have been left begging for Dean Wicks to be axed

Fans have been left begging for Dean Wicks to be axedCredit: BBC
Gina has finally seen Dean for what he is

Gina has finally seen Dean for what he isCredit: BBC

Gina had been blinded by his charm, despite being aware of his wicked ways and his rape of Linda Carter and his attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell, she had been left branding him a ‘good man’ after they continued to grow closer.

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Played by Matt Di Angelo, the character made a surprise return to the show last October as he wormed his way back onto the Square.

Begging for him to get the axe having had enough of his vile ways, one fan wrote on X – formerly Twitter: “Disgusting storyline. I’m skipping all of Dean’s scenes until he p***es off out of the show.”

Another added: “I seriously mean it if EastEnders don’t boot out dean in the next couple of weeks I’m done and the way they’ve made Nish suddenly remember everything is annoying asf count your days EastEnders.”

Before a third shared the viral clip of Vanessa Gold pulling the pub’s curtains down and said: “I trust the writers/producers of #EastEnders but this is me everytime I see Dean walking around in his shiny white sneakers while Keanu is dead.”

Last week, fans shared a sigh of relief as Gina finally saw his true ways after being warned about him by mum Cindy and Roxy’s daughter, Amy.

Gina’s mum Cindy even offered Dean £60k to leave her alone.

It was soon clear that everything Cindy had said, as well as the words from Roxy’s daughter Amy and even Linda had all given Gina doubts about Dean.

“All day I’ve been wondering why my mum would do that,” Gina said.

“But why? Why is everyone so keen to keep me away from you?”

Dean insisted that everyone was lying. He claimed Linda lied about being raped, Roxy was a massive coke-head and he only tried to help her and that Amy was riddled with mental health issues.

Gina eventually tried to leave but as Dean attempted to stop her, she whacked him in the face in order to get him away from her.

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