EastEnders: A Past Character Makes An EXPLOSIVE Comeback

2023 really is the year of comebacks on EastEnders! After the super astounding return of Cindy Beale to the BBC One soap, another immensely loved character is making a return! Thankfully, they are here to stay this time! Brace yourselves, we are talking about the incredible Jacqueline Jossa! It has been a long five year run since we have seen her as  Lauren Branning. However, she did make two brief appearances in between. Once at Dott Cotton’s funeral, and then later in June this year. However, the latest spoilers reveal that this time around, Lauren will return to Walford to stay!

“I’m really excited. It’s such an amazing time to be back,” Jacqueline told The Sun during a recent chat. She enthused that there is so much buzz around the soap and she has been following all the episodes like a fan. Furthermore, she added that Walford holds a special place in her heart and returning to it is like going back home. Speaking about her return storyline, the popular star divulged that it will be a “stormy” one. In fact, just as stormy as her character. Lauren will get into a conflict with Cindy Beale. Interestingly, getting entangled into conflicts is all Cindy has been doing ever since she returned from the dead!

EE/ Lauren and Cindy

As per sources close to the production, Jacqueline has been secretly filing her EastEnders return at the famous set at Elstree, Herts. “Jacqueline’s return as Lauren Branning is going to spell lots of drama at Albert Square,” the source added. The bosses are staying tight lipped as of now about the exact details of the storyline and even the return date. But this much is sure that it will be “explosive”. Mostly because she has so much history with many people in the town. Moreover, she also has several past scores to settle in Walford.

However, some sources are hinting that Lauren will return to Walford by the end of 2023. In fact, her return story will get entwined with the Christmas storyline on EastEnders. Furthermore, the source added that just like the viewers, even the cast members are looking forward to Jacqueline’s return. They believe that not only is she a great performer, but also a delight to work with. Thanks to her incredible sense of humour. “I’m delighted to welcome Jacqueline back to the role of Lauren Branning.” Chris Clenshaw told The Sun.

EE/ Jacqueline Jossa as Lauren

The EastEnders boss also revealed that he is planning to use Lauren’s return to the soap as a means to amp up the ongoing family drama. Something that the BBC One soap is really famous for! So are you looking forward to Lauren’s return as much as we are? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates.

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