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EastEnders airs game-changing twist for Walford icon in early BBC iPlayer release

Spoiler warning for Wednesday 15th November 2023.

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A woman and a man in silhouette in front of the Albert Square set for EastEnders.

Spoiler warning for EastEnders’ episode which airs on Wednesday 15th November 2023 at 7.30pm on BBC One but was released at 6am on BBC iPlayer.

EastEnders has aired a game-changing twist for Walford icon Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

The BBC One soap followed the fan-favourite as she and fiancé Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) attended a hospital appointment to discuss the results from medical tests run on their toddler son Albie Watts.

The previous week, Sharon was reunited with Albie after he was abducted. Unbeknownst to Sharon, this was a staged kidnapping by Keanu himself with aid from his mother Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley).

Eventually, using ransom money supplied by Sharon’s ex-husband Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), Karen faked a meet-up to exchange the money for Albie but met with her sister’s partner to collect Albie.

While Karen has kept the ransom money for herself in protest at Keanu’s romantic reunion with Sharon, Keanu’s role in his son’s disappearance remains a secret as he has realised his love for her.

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However, Sharon was nervous when doctors asked her to come in and discuss Albie’s medical tests with him.

What health condition does Albie Watts have in EastEnders?

Albie Watts tested positive for the genetic condition Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency.

Keanu was late to get to the appointment with Sharon so she spoke with the doctor alone who confirmed that Albie has a genetic condition called Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency, which can increase his risk of lung conditions and other health issues in later life.

However, the doctor stated that these issues may never arise and they can always check for further problems. The doctor then recommended testing both of Albie’s parents to check for further issues as both parents would need to be carriers of the gene for it to present in the child.

Keanu, Albie and Sharon in EastEnders
Keanu, Albie and Sharon in EastEnders. BBC

Keanu then arrived late and both submitted themselves for further genetic testing.

When the results came through, it was confirmed that Sharon was the carrier for the gene but that Keanu was not.

After Keanu left the room with Albie and was greeted by Phil outside, Sharon spoke with the doctor and he confirmed what the results suggested: Keanu is not Albie’s biological father.

The doctor then asked if anyone else could be Albie’s real father as Sharon turned to the room window and looked at Phil.

Who is Albie Watts’s father in EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell is the biological father of Albie Watts.

From 2018 to 2019, during Sharon’s marriage to Phil, she had an affair with younger mechanic Keanu.

Keanu later entered into a relationship with Phil’s step-daughter Louise Mithcell (Tilly Keeper) and she became pregnant with Keanu’s daughter, later named Peggy after Louise’s grandmother.

Letitia Dean as Sharon Watts and Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.
Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean, left) with ex-husband Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

However, at a similar time, Sharon discovered she was pregnant and later gave birth to a son whom she eventually named Albie.

Sharon was unsure about who the father of the baby was and had a DNA test conducted privately and the results reported that Keanu Taylor was her youngest child’s father.

Now genetic testing has refuted this test and has revealed that Albie is the only biological child of Sharon and her ex-husband Phil Mitchell.

Now, going into Sharon’s wedding with Keanu, is she hiding the truth of Albie’s paternity while Keanu hides his involvement in Albie’s abduction?

The odds of this love story ending well appear very slim indeed…

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