EastEnders airs major Linda and Dean development following fan fury at controversy

Linda looking determined in EastEnders
Linda stood up to Dean (Picture: BBC)

This article contains spoilers from Thursday’s (November 23) episode of EastEnders which has not yet aired on TV but is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

EastEnders left fans horrified with a recent scene that saw Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) manipulated into lying about her rape ordeal by Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo).

Linda was forced to lie about having been raped by Dean in order to stop him reporting George Knight (Colin Salmon) to the police for pushing him down the stairs.

As Linda was blackmailed into saying that she had had consensual sex with Dean and then lied about it, she had no idea that Dean was recording every word.

Following that traumatic ordeal which left many viewers extremely uncomfortable, Linda was understandably shaken, and desperate to put everything behind her and move on.

However, Dean wasn’t prepared to leave her in peace, stopping her in the street to thank her for her confession. The final straw for Linda was when Dean called her ‘L’ – the nickname husband Mick had for her, and she soon found herself turning to alcohol to numb her pain.

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Thankfully, George caught her before she had the chance to take a sip, and reminded her how far she had come in her battle against alcoholism.

As George urged her not to drink, Linda broke down in his arms, only further proving what a detrimental affect her false confession had had on her mental health, despite mum Elaine Peacock’s insistence that they were ‘only words’.

However, Elaine changed her tune pretty quickly when George revealed what he had caught Linda doing, and soon Elaine was apologising profusely.

As Linda pointed out that Dean had won, Elaine encouraged her to take back her power. It wasn’t long before Linda had headed over to Beale’s Eels to do exactly that.

Pulling Dean aside, Linda made it clear that she had no intentions of forgiving him for raping her, and that she had only said what she did because he had blackmailed her.

When Dean said it was too late to take it back, Linda revealed that she didn’t care what he believed, because he couldn’t hurt her anymore and he had no hold over her family anymore.

Will Linda’s words be enough to make Dean leave her alone?

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