EastEnders: Bernie is the seventh member of ‘The Six,’ fans predict

Could Bernie be the Christmas killer?

EastEnders' Bernie, the background of the Thames

Over in EastEnders, Bernie has been struggling with the fact that Karen has left Walford after taking the whole blame for Albie’s kidnapping.

She knows that Keanu was also responsible for the plot but has kept this a secret from Sharon.

Now, EastEnders fans reckon that Bernie could be involved with ‘The Six,’ becoming an additional member to the group of women.

EastEnders' Bernie is crying
Bernie knows about Keanu’s secret (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Bernie knows Keanu’s secret

Recently, Phil exposed Karen’s kidnap plot in The Vic in front of a whole pub of punters – including Bernie.

Bernie couldn’t believe that Karen would do something so horrible, shocked as she watched her confess to the whole thing.

Keanu acted as if this was the first he’d heard of Karen’s involvement even though he’d also been behind the idea.

Later on, Bernie found out the truth; she was devastated that Keanu could throw Karen under the bus like he had done.

Karen later made the decision to leave with Phil’s bag of cash along with Mitch and the kids. Bernie, however, decided to stay in Walford.

The Six in EastEnders
Fans reckon there’s a seventh member (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict huge Bernie Christmas Day twist

EastEnders fans reckon that there’s another member of ‘The Six’ making it ‘The Seven,’ and they now think that Bernie could be this seventh member.

She could expose Keanu’s involvement in Albie’s kidnapping, with this even causing her to kill at Christmas.

One fan wrote: “Bernie is definitely going to expose Keanu at Xmas. Imagine if she was the 7th member of the 6.”

Another EastEnders viewer agreed and predicted: “Bernie is The Seventh, calling it now.”

A third person theorised: “I bet it’s Bernie who does it and they cover for her.”

Is Bernie a killer? (Credit: BBC)

Could Bernie kill at Christmas?

The only person Bernie’s got around at the moment is Keanu but she’s not impressed with his betrayal of Karen.

Knowing the truth, could Bernie expose Keanu’s secret and become the additional member of ‘The Six?’ Could she kill on Christmas Day? Is Keanu in danger?

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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