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EastEnders bosses go to extreme new lengths to keep murder victim’s identity a secret

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EASTENDERS bosses have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the identity of the Christmas killer and their victim a secret.

Walford boss Chris Clenshaw has refused to even tease what lengths they have gone to for fear of the biggest soap twist of the year leaking.

The Six and the identity of the killer and victim will be revealed on Christmas Day

The Six and the identity of the killer and victim will be revealed on Christmas DayCredit: BBC

But The Sun can reveal how only a handful of key people know the truth.

Even the cast themselves are in the dark with multiple endings teased, while the show has filmed scenes with only heads of departments to keep the secret under wraps.

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“I think it’s something to watch live on Christmas Day,” the executive producer told The Sun.

“And I think you’ll be kind of guessing right up until the very end…

“We have gone to quite some lengths to keep everything under wraps, but I can’t reveal what those are because then it might be a little bit too revealing.”

However, Brian Conley previously let slip – before he quit the soap – that the soap is filming multiple endings – and not just the seven men named.

He said: “I believe leading up to Christmas, there might be ten of us laying there so that it will be a big surprise to us as well.

“We’re all going to maybe film a moment where we’re all laying on the floor, and then right up until the last minute, they can reveal on Christmas Day who it is.”

The show has form for keeping secret plots hidden – when Ian Beale actor Adam Woodyatt returned the show for Dot Branning’s funeral, filming was severely restricted.

Only heads of departments were brought in to do the legwork and trusted with the secret.

Similarly when Cindy Beale was brought back from the dead, producer Chris and actress Michelle Collins met up in country pubs and restaurants to keep it hidden.

A source said: “Nothing has been too extreme to keep the secret.

“The Six storyline has put EastEnders back on the map and everyone wants it to go off without a hitch.

“Security around the plot has been on another level with most of the cast and crew still in the dark even though the reveal is just days away.

“There are going to be a lot of nerves at Elstree come Christmas Day but once they pull it off it will all have been worth it.”


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