EastEnders Christmas spoilers: Cheating shock ‘confirmed’ as Yolande set to ‘betray’ poor Patrick Trueman

Yolande and Patrick at the Trueman/Fox household in EastEnders
What’s Yolande up to when Patrick isn’t around? (Picture: BBC)

Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) was thrilled when Yolande (Angela Wynter) returned to his life earlier this year in EastEnders.

After Yolande ended the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, it wasn’t long until she was spending time with Patrick discussing their long and complicated history together.

Patrick and Yolande decided to take a risk and reunite and since then, it’s been fairly smooth sailing for the couple.

When Patrick isn’t enjoying a drink in the pub, he’s offering his advice on situations involving Kim (Tameka Empson) and Denise (Diane Parish) and for Yolande, she’s slotted right back into the community by trying to run a choir – and regularly being tested by Elaine (Harriet Thorpe).

As 2024 begins in Walford, the teens in the Square decide to have a party.

When one of them steals a case of beer from the Minute Mart, Patrick and Yolande arrive to check on them and the teens soon realise they’ve actually stolen alcohol-free beer.

Denzel watches an interaction between Yolande and Pastor Clayton in EastEnders
What’s going on here? (Picture: BBC)

Yolande agrees to keep to the theft a secret in exchange for the teens delivering church leaflets.

As the task gets underway, Denzel (Jaden Ladega) is left alarmed when it’s suggested that there’s something going on between Yolande and Pastor Clayton.

Later in the week, Denzel reluctantly agrees to help at Pastor Clayton’s soup kitchen but after misreading a situation between the Pastor and Yolande, he deliberately tips hot curry on him.

But how will Pastor Clayton react?

And what’s really going on between him and Yolande?

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