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EastEnders Christmas spoilers: Lola announcement, death confirmed and Suki exit twist

Christmas has arrived in EastEnders' Albert Square and it ends dramatically as Suki attempts to escape Nish's clutches before The Six watched on as one Walford male meets his fate in The Vic

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EastEnders reaches its climax as Christmas Day arrives in Walford.

It’s the day of Sharon and Keanu’s wedding as the pair prepare to take their vows. But as the couple are about to say “I do”, Phil arrives. Elsewhere, Suki prepares to leave Walford but she’s stopped in her tracks by a surprise visitor. She is stopped once again later when she receives a panicked phone call from Vinny, forcing her to return to No.41

Back in The Vic, Denise, Kathy, Linda, Sharon, Stacey and Suki seek solace as they all try to process the events of the day, but none of them could have predicted what was about to happen. In a flash, their lives are permanently changed forever as a Walford male meets his fate in The Vic.

Back at No.55, The Mitchell’s receive a surprise video message from Lola who reveals that Jay and Honey are both running the London Marathon. With Lola’s words about family ringing true, Phil heads to The Vic.

As the residents of Walford try to come to terms with recent events, one Walford resident overhears something she shouldn’t and can’t resist spreading the gossip far and wide. Against Anna and Gina’s advice, Elaine forges ahead with a plan to bring the residents of Albert Square together. But with emotions running high, things don’t go to plan.

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