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“Köln 50667” Könnte Noah wirklich der Stalker sein?  Das wäre ja echt krass! Was glaubt ihr?

Ist Noah Sandras Stalker?!

Könnte Noah wirklich der Stalker sein?  Das wäre ja echt krass! Was glaubt ihr?

Yes, it is certainly possible that Noah is Sandra’s stalker in “Köln 50667.” The previews have shown several pieces of evidence that point towards this possibility:

  • Sandra’s suspicions: Sandra’s instincts are telling her that she’s being watched, and she suspects Noah might be the culprit. This could be a sign that she’s picking up on subtle cues that Noah is giving away, even if she doesn’t realize it consciously.
  • Noah’s strange behavior: Noah’s behavior has been raising red flags throughout the storyline. His excessive concern for Sandra, his suspicious notes, and the way he “saved” her from a dangerous situation all suggest that he might not be as innocent as he seems.
  • The escalating tension: The situation between Sandra and Noah is becoming increasingly tense, with Sandra’s fear growing and her doubts about Noah intensifying. This heightened tension keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and makes the possibility of Noah being the stalker even more believable.

Of course, it’s also possible that there’s another explanation for Noah’s behavior and that he’s not the stalker after all. The writers of “Köln 50667” are known for throwing in twists and turns, so it’s best not to jump to conclusions just yet.

Here are some other possibilities to consider:

  • Noah is genuinely concerned about Sandra and his behavior is being misinterpreted.
  • Noah is trying to protect Sandra from the real stalker and his actions are being misunderstood.
  • The real stalker is someone else entirely, and Noah is being framed.

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure who the stalker is will be to watch the remaining episodes of the season. The writers could choose to reveal Noah as the stalker, or they could surprise us with a completely different twist.

In the meantime, it’s fun to speculate and discuss the possibilities with other fans of the show. What do you think? Do you believe Noah is the stalker? Why or why not?

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