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EastEnders Comings And Goings: Major Character EXIT Coming Up

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Festive season is fast approaching on EastEnders with Christmas right around the corner. And for the BBC One soap, it means a really fired up dramatic storyline! This year the Christmas special track is centered around a mystery murder of a male character. Who is somehow connected with “the six” leading ladies of Walford. However, before that heated up track plays out, there is a literal fire waiting to engulf a part of the Walford set!

The recent EastEnders spoilers have teased that a fire will soon break out at Kathy’s cafe on the soap. Furthermore, the fire will seemingly also engulf the iconic launderette right across the street from it. Some spoilers are hinting that the Taylor family matriarch, Karen Taylor, will allegedly perish in the fire. This speculation has arisen after the many media reports have confirmed that actress Lorraine Stanley is exiting EastEnders as Karen.

EE/ Karen Taylor

EastEnders: A New Dramatic Twist Coming Up!

Now, in a latest interview actress Claire Norris who portrays Karen’s daughter Bernie has reacted to Lorraine’s exit news. “Lou and Karen has been the core of the Taylor family so it’s going to be very strange,” Clair admits. She has portrayed Karen’s daughter on EastEnders since 2017, so it will certainly very emotional and daunting for her to part ways on and off screen with Lorraine. Clair says that she is having a hard time processing this news since she loves her so much. “She is my mum on screen and off screen,” the young actress states.

The news of Lorraine’s impending exit first surfaced in July, 2023. A source close to the soap stated that the decision was made by the bosses in an attempt to freshen up the EastEnders cast. Furthermore, the source added that her exit track will be very dramatic and fitting for the Walford legend. Now, Claire also confirms to Digital Spy that Karen’s exit will be “a lot of drama.” The soap star also gushed that although she will miss Lorraine on the sets, she is excited to see all the wonderful things she does next in life.

EE/ Karen and Bernie

As for her own character on EastEnders, Claire says that she is enjoying seeing Bernie work at the cafe. Moreover, she will has some very soapy storylines ahaed as she comes to terms with Karen’s exit on the soap. So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates of EastEnders on how Karen finally exits EastEnders. Also, keep an eye out for some changes in Bernie’s love life on the soap!

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