EastEnders Dean’s death ‘sealed’ in big twist — but it’s not Linda or Gina who kills him

EastEnders’ Dean Wicks has caused plenty of drama in Walford since his return - but viewers are now convinced that he’s going to be killed off soon by a soap icon

EastEnders fans reckon Dean Wicks could be killed off by an unlikely resident on the BBC One soap.

The character, played by Matt Di Angelo headed back to Walford last year, much to the horror of Linda Carter. Fans will recall how sicko Dean raped Linda and also attempted to rape Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) but has always denied it.

Since his return, Dean has caused plenty of drama in the famous square. He has continued to terrorise Linda (Kellie Bright), so much so, that she has broken her sobriety.

However, one person who has grown close to Dean recently is Linda’s step-sister Gina (Francesca Henry). She has become smitten with the rapist and believes him instead of Linda.

EastEnders fans 'work out' Gina's deadly plan as Dean 'exposed' in revenge twist
Dean and Gina have gotten closer
In episodes last week, the pair met up in the back alley way where she told him they need to take things slow. They were also seen texting each other flirty messages.

And over in Walford this week, wanting to make a big gesture, Dean marched into The Vic with a bunch of flowers. Despite Gina’s dad George’s demands for him to leave, Dean confessed his love and kissed Gina, leaving Linda and The Knights sickened.

Villain Dean made his return last week (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

During Tuesday’s episode (January 23) Gina’s mum Cindy insisted she was going to do something to stop Dean. She ended up offering Dean, who is her Beale’s Eels business partner, £60k to walk away from Walford once again.

She told him: Sixty grand if you leave Beale’s Eels, Walford. And and, most importantly, Gina… tonight.” Now, fans are certain that Cindy could kill Dean – and even claim she could hire a hitman to do the job, similar to the time she hired one for Ian.

Fans reckon Michelle will get her revenge

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On X, formerly known as Twitter, one soap viewer said: “Kill him Cindy just kill him.” A second person chimed in and added: “Why doesn’t Cindy just put a hit on Dean???”

A third also echoed their thoughts and proclaimed: “Remember when Cindy hired a hitman for Ian? She should do the same to Dean only get a reliable one.”

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