EastEnders fans predict unique way Mick Carter will make epic Christmas return

EastEnders viewers believe they’ve rumbled the unique way Danny Dyer’s character, Mick Carter, will make a shocking return during next week’s Christmas muder episode

BBC EastEnders fans are convinced they’ve figured out the unique way Mick Carter will make his epic return to Albert Square.

Rumours are swirling that the soap icon may make a stunning appearance on the soap to coincide with the highly anticipated Christmas episode. The character was last seen before he seemingly drowned on Christmas Day after rushing to the water to save Linda Carter.

One year on, fans are now convinced the character, played by actor Danny Dyer, will make a brief return to the soap via a flashback scene. Viewers argue the flashback is far more realistic than a full-blown return, as the actor has expressed no interest in returning to the soap.


Fans are now convinced the character, played by actor Danny Dyer, will make a brief return to the soap via a flashback scene

“With this whole storyline I wouldn’t be surprised if micks ‘return’ is more of a flashback thing, I don’t think he will be returning,” said one fan. “I don’t see Danny Dyer reprising this role any time soon sadly, but I think a flashback is such a good way to give the people what they want and bring him back on Christmas,” a second penned. While a third added: “One year since Mick’s death can’t believe it. I think a flashback would be epic!! I don’t think he’s coming back for real.”

Linda was stunned to receive a text from “Mick”

Mick did make a “return” on Thursday’s episode (December 21) when Linda received a text message claiming to be from him. But fans are convinced it’s evil Dean that is behind the text. “ WHAT?!!?? MICK!!!??!!??? SORRY has to be Dean messing with Linda,” said one fan. Another agreed: “DEAN IS PURE SCUM FOR SENDING LINDA A FAKE TEXT FROM ‘MICK’,” while I a third penned: “Nah Dean messaged pretending to be Mick with that text.”

Fans are convinced Dean sent the text

Mick’s shocking exit scenes saw him jump off a cliff to try and save Linda, before “drowning” in the sea following a showdown between him and new partner Janine Butcher. After a number of weeks, police assumed Mick had died – but they never found a body.

There has been much debate about whether Mick is actually alive somewhere, given that Cindy Beale – who had been presumed dead years ago – made a shocking return earlier this year as the mysterious Rose Knight. Asked about the possibility, Danny said: “Anything is possible. Where would he have gone to? He can’t swim. I found it a bit odd.”

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