EastEnders fans baffled as they spot several blunders after The Six hide Keanu’s body

The Six were plunged into chaos as they attempted to cover Keanu's body with cement to stop him from being found but fans spotted a number of blunders during the dramatic scene

EastEnders fans picked up on a few blunders as The Six made further efforts to hide Keanu’s body.

After builders arrived to start work on the café, the women knew they had to act fast to stop Keanu’s (Danny Walters) body from being discovered. During Wednesday’s instalment (January 10) of the BBC soap, The Six gathered in the barrel store of The Vic to decide what to do.

While a drunk Linda (Kellie Bright) admitted she couldn’t face seeing Keanu’s body, Denise (Diane Fox) declared she had no choice but to join them. In the café, Denise shared the idea of clearing the rubble and digging a bigger hole.

She then suggested covering t he hole with cement. When Stacey (Lacey Turner) pointed out the loud noise the cement mixer would make, Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) said they could look up how to do it by hand.

A scuffle with Linda caused Denise to fall on Keanu's body
A scuffle with Linda caused Denise to fall on Keanu’s body
In distress, Linda pleaded to leave but Denise refused to let her go. In the scuffle, Denise was thrown through the floor boards and landed on Keanu’s wrapped up body. “Get me out of here,” she screamed. After successfully hiding the body, The Six went their separate ways.

But at the end of the episode, Denise made a chilling realisation. As the camera panned back to Keanu’s body, Denise’s ‘D’ necklace was left right alongside it. Fans couldn’t help but raise a few questions during the episode, with many pointing out that Denise’s DNA would be all over Keanu’s body after the fall.

Fans realised that Denise's DNA would be all over the body
Fans realised that Denise’s DNA would be all over the body

One wrote: “So that’s Denise’s DNA on the body/Keanu’s DNA on Denise’s clothes, meaning she’ll go down for it in the future, right!?” A second added: “Denise’s fibres will be all over that body now.” Another echoed: “Denise’s DNA will be all over Keanu’s body now. Linda has accidently put #TheSix at further peril.”

Others picked up on issues surrounding the way they covered Keanu’s body, with one writing: “Like the builders aren’t going to notice a fresh layer of cement.” A second agreed: “Bit far fetched the cement being perfect.” Another chipped in: “You cant cement a hole like that.”

A fifth echoed: “There must’ve been a lot of cement to fill the cavity around the hole of the body. And they did by hand in a short time with not a speck of dust and sweat on them.” While another weighed in: “Bless them but this is so stupid I’m sorry to say! Fresh cement over a wooden floor? Give me strength! I would have rather them bury him in the woods where eve nearly died in.”

Others raised questions about the smell of the decomposing body
Others raised questions about the smell of the decomposing body

A number of other viewers have questioned how no one has started to smell Keanu’s decomposing body. One asked: “how did the builders not smell the body when they left their stuff in the café on Monday?!” as a second posted: “ALSO how does nobody smell anything coming from the café.”

A third wrote: “That was bonkers.. #EastEnders they’ve just covered Keanu’s body with cement?! Won’t the body start to smell? How will the cement set overnight? Won’t the builders be suspicious is this random patch of concrete… bizarre scene….” While another shared: “But also the six are so stupid. The body will decompose and the smell will take over. How could they possibly think they’re going to get away with leaving it down there??????”

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