EastEnders fans ‘figure out’ shock affair storyline as Nish defies his family

BBC EastEnders fans think a scandalous affair is on the cards between Nish and another resident as may viewers believe they’ve ’rumbled’ a sinister motive at play

EastEnders fans are convinced that newcomer Priya Nandra-Hart and Nish Panesar are set to embark on a steamy affair.

Ravi had an explosive reunion with his ex-girlfriend Priya after finding out that his missing son Nugget was hiding in her flat. After dragging him back home, Ravi was in for another surprise when his secret daughter Avani turned up.

On Thursday’s episode (October 19), Priya and Avani were evicted, forcing them to go running to Ravi. He offered to put Avani up in his flat but not Priya, sending her into a panic. Nish found a distressed Priya at the café and attempted to console her, buying her drinks as the Vic and complimenting her.


EastEnders fans are convinced that newcomer Priya and Nish are set to embark on a steamy affair (Image: BBC)

Fans are now predicting Nish, who is Ravi’s dad, is set for a steamy affair with Priya – and has a dark motive to boot. “Nish is 100% gonna end up sleeping with ravis baby mum,” said one fan on X, formerly Twitter.

“Nish will just see it as an opportunity to take Avani from her,” penned a second. A third added: Nish is gonna top Priya she better watch her back” while a fourth penned: “Nish wants his granddaughter he’s gunna sleep with Priya then make her disappear.”

Fans believe Nish has a more sinister motive (Image: BBC)

Another believes it is to cause more emotional damage to Suki. “Nish is definitely going to get closer to Priya to make Suki jealous. He wants to control her more.”

Back at home, Nish declared both mother and daughter would be staying with them from now on. When wife Suki and Ravi both tried to protest, Nish said firmly: “This is your home now, and anyone who has a problem with it, you know where the door is.”

Priya will be staying in Walford (Image: BBC)

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Elsewhere, Jay was full of regret about sleeping with Nadine and was later propositioned by Ben, who gave him an ultimatum – he had to stop the drugs, or he would kick him out. Later at The Vic, Jay promised to do better, but things went from bad to worse when Nadine arrived, and Ben overheard their conversation about last night’s tryst.

After a tense exchange between the pair, Ben decided he had had enough of Jay’s actions and ordered him out of No.29B. In the café, Cindy, Peter, and a hungover Ian discussed their potential investment opportunity, but their conversation was cut short when Ian received a shocking phone call – there was a competitor for the lease on the pawnbrokers.

Later, Ian headed to The Vic and attempted to use his heart attack as a sympathy card, but his hopes came crashing down when Elaine rumbled Ian’s agenda, and George revealed that he and Cindy were not entitled to any money from the Marbella bar sale.

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