EastEnders fans in shock as fan-favourite quits amid brutal murder plot

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after the sudden exit of fan-favourite Eve Unwin.

The baps flogger – who is played by actress Heather Peace in the BBC soap – was brutally attacked in last night’s episode by Nish Panesar.

EastEnders' Ravi took Eve to the woods on the instruction of his evil dad Nish
EastEnders’ Ravi took Eve to the woods on the instruction of his evil dad Nish
He was ordered to kill her
He was ordered to kill her

Evil Nish had discovered Eve’s affair with his wife Suki and their plans for a new life away from his abuse.

He attacked Eve, knocking hr out and then he ordered his killer son Ravi to kill her.

Nish was determined to keep Suki in his clutches and used whatever he had in his arsenal to make it happen.

He blackmailed Ravi over killing his dad Ranveer and warned him that if he didn’t kill Eve for him he would make sure he lost everything – his children Nugget and Avani too.

Manipulated into doing Nish’s bidding, Ravi was forced to do as he was told.

Nish tied Eve up and gagged her before the men carried her to the car and put her in the boot.

As they stashed her inside, Nish told Ravi: “Take her somewhere discrete, to the woods by the reservoir. Somewhere she can’t be found.

“There’s a spade and some gloves on the backseat. Now we’re bonded for life, nothing can part us.”

Ravi drove off while Nish went home to ambush Suki and make her think Eve had abandoned her.

In the woods, Ravi dragged Eve out of the car and made her kneel while he went to get a shovel to kill her.

But she proved more than a match for him and she lunged at him, pushing him over before fleeing.

She ran into the woods and armed herself with a tree branch ready to fight for her life but Ravi got the better of her and tried to finish her off.

However before he could Eve screamed at him, demanding to know why he was killing her – and she got through to him.

“Your sick dad is controlling you, he’s making you do this, it’s him,” she said.

“If you do this you are bound to him forever. You are his. You’re going to kill me in the woods, really? For him?”

Eve got through to him, but at the expense of her life in Walford.

Ravi told her: “You have to go now. You have to go and never come back.

“If you show your face, if you contact Suki. I will track you down and I will kill you and I will kill everyone you love.

“And if I don’t, he will. He’s capable. He’s capable of anything, he has no limits. I don’t want this anymore than you.

“This is the only way. I’d really rather not bury you in that hole. No more discussion, leave now. “

He added: “If you show your face on the Square, these hands will be around Suki’s hands, then they’ll be around Stacey’s neck. Remember the only thing keeping Suki alive is you staying away.”

Left with no choice, Eve fled into the woods.

Back in Walford, Ravi told Nish it was done but Nish just wanted to know if she suffered and if Ravi covered his tracks.

“You don’t feel bad, do you?” the psycho said. “You did this for me because you’re a good, loyal son. I won’t forget this. I will never forget this.”

Fans are in complete shock at the scenes.

One wrote: “Holy cr** what an episode I’m an emotional wreck. Can’t remember last time EastEnders was THIS good.”

A second said: “Absolutely cowardly man emotionally manipulating his son to do that!”

Another added: “Whew!!!! What an episode!!!! @bbceastenders consistently hitting it out of the park!!!”

Nish asked Ravi if Eve 'had suffered'
Nish asked Ravi if Eve ‘had suffered’
He had bound and gagged her before driving her to the woods in the dark
He had bound and gagged her before driving her to the woods in the dark
But Ravi let her escape and lied to Nish about killing her
But Ravi let her escape and lied to Nish about killing her
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