EastEnders: Fans Predict Evil Aunt Babe’s Return For a Gripping New Plot Affecting the Knights

George is already battling dragons on EastEnders. And as if this isn’t enough, it looks like the show is set to welcome evil Aunt Babe back to the town. The Knight family seems to be in the trenches. Nevertheless, new speculations spark that Aunt Babe (Annette Badland) will return to the Square, appearing last in 2017. She left the Square in a typical EastEnders fashion, cursing the Queen Vic bar. And fans predict Babe indeed has to do something with the train wreck in the Knight household. What role will she play in the current child farming storyline that’s deeply affecting George? Continue reading as we anticipate the evil motive of her return.

Aunt Babe’s Sinister Past

The aftermath of Aunt Babe’s curse left the Carter family in a heartbreaking trauma. Viewers couldn’t help but wonder if her curse worked exceptionally well. Will her return to the town plant the seed of discord again?

Earlier, we have seen that the arrival of George’s adoptive parents, Gloria and Eddie, escalated tension in his life. They made a shocking confession of their son’s adoption via a process called farming. The process included advertising and selling babies to parents willing to give them a new home. When George tried to make peace with being unaware of his original heritage, fans were reminded of Aunt Babe. But what’s causing this speculation? What has she done before?

Let’s dive into the sinister past of Aunt Babe. In 2015, Shirley Carter took a trip from Walford to stay at Babe’s caravan in Ramsgate. To her surprise, she learned Babe’s dark secret of infant trade. There, Shirley exposed Babe and her companion Queenie Trott for stealing the babies of young women to sell. Then, the evil and grim character explained to the Carters that she and Queenie ran an illicit adoption service. It included the selling of babies.

Can this dark secret of Aunt Babe connect the dots for the recent child-farming storyline haunting the Knights? Was she involved in Gloria and Eddie’s adoption of George?

EastEnders: Whispers in the Fandom

Recently, an individual took to X, saying, “‘No doubt Aunt Babe will have some link to the baby farming story.” They added that Aunt previously ran an “advice centre” for pregnant ladies. Therefore, the Carters and Knights will be linked. Another one denied the likelihood of such linking. They said that George is a massive racist, but Gloria isn’t. The show isn’t subtle, so the possibility of linking Babe and Queenie to this story is not likely.

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EE/ Aunt Babe on her way back?

The showrunner of the BBC soap, Chris Clenshaw, recently spoke about the storyline. He said EastEnders has a legacy of narrating challenging yet authentic stories that reflect past and present events. And that George’s storyline will compel him to question his true identity when he encounters the harsh truth. Additionally, he said it was crucial to work with experts and people who have lived and experienced farming. So that the storyline is handled “as sensitively and as accurately as possible.”

With George hiding another secret from the family, could it be Aunt Babe’s connection to them? Or is it the one related to Cindy’s comment at the Knight family dinner? Share your views in the comments. Till then,

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