EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ brutal eviction twist for the Slaters as legendary family ‘to be left homeless’

EASTENDERS fans think they have figured out an upcoming eviction twist, worrying that the Slaters are going to be left homeless.

Nish Panesar has acted as the family’s landlord ever since he took over Suki’s property empire when he returned from jail.

Nish recently found out his wife wants to leave him

Nish recently found out his wife wants to leave himCredit: BBC
He had a showdown with The Six on Christmas day

He had a showdown with The Six on Christmas dayCredit: BBC
Fans think he may evict the Slaters as revenge

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Fans think he may evict the Slaters as revengeCredit: BBC

Recent episodes saw him have a violent clash with The Six, including Stacey Slater, as they tried to prevent him from hurting his wife after finding out about her affair.

Stacey stood by Suki as she told him their marriage was over and she wanted him to move out of the house.

A struggle commenced as he responded by threatening and insulting her, eventually grabbing Suki in an attempt to kidnap her.

Denise retaliated by hitting him over the head with a champagne bottle, leaving Nish hospitalised.

He has been in a coma for several weeks, but recently woke up, angry about his divorce and desperate for revenge.

Although at the moment Nish has not let on that he remembers the attack, he has been seen shaking with rage as his son spoke about Suki’s new life with Eve.

EastEnders fans are worried that he might try and get back at The Six by evicting the Slater family from their house.

Some viewers took to social media with the theory, with one asking: “Isn’t Nish the landlord of the Slaters? Which would possibly mean eviction once he’s home?

“He’s already taking the house and everything else so I can see that being a storyline upcoming.”

A second speculated: “I think he remembers a lot more than he’s told Suki he does, I don’t know what he’s planning but I think he’s definitely going to cause more issues for the six once he’s home but could definitely see him evicting all the Slaters.”

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