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EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ identity of Albie’s real father – and it’s not Phil Mitchell

Fans think that two other men are in the frame

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EASTENDERS fans have been left convinced that Phil Mitchell is not the father of baby Albie and it is someone else altogether.

The paternity twist left fans of the BBC soap opera in shock as Keanu Taylor was revealed to be not the father of the baby boy that he had been fighting for.

Sharon was left rocked by the news that Keanu was not Albie's dad

Sharon was left rocked by the news that Keanu was not Albie’s dadCredit: BBC
But some fans think that Phil is not the dad either

But some fans think that Phil is not the dad eitherCredit: BBC

Last week, Sharon was given a shock when she discovered that Keanu was not the father of baby Albie.

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It came as the youngster underwent tests for a genetic condition that must be carried by both mother and father.

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) increases the risk of someone getting lung and liver disease in the future.

However, with Keanu not a carrier of the gene, it means that Albie has a completely different father.

While speculation was rife that Phil Mitchell must be the father, and the soap itself appearing to confirm the notion, some fans think they have disproved the idea.

A few years ago, Phil partook in a DNA test to discover the true paternity of Albie with it revealing that he was not the dad.

Although some fans think Keanu’s was submitted in error, many are sure this means there is still another twist in the tale to come.

Viewers have suggested that Sharon’s former partner Ian Beale could be the shock father or even a mystery man who is yet to step foot on the square.

Could it link the Christmas Day body to a twist in Sharon’s paternity hell?

Sharon and Keanu have been locked in a ‘custody war’ since she revealed her plans to potentially move to Abu Dhabi.

Kenau had planned to take Albie for himself but he soon returned Albie home amid the surprise medical revealtion.

After being told the news at the hospital, Sharon was left stunned by the news that Albie had a completely different father altogether.

Keanu can not possibly by his dad

Keanu can not possibly by his dadCredit: BBC

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