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EastEnders fans shocked as Jay Brown begs prostitute Nadine for drugs

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EASTENDERS fans shocked as Jay Brown turned to drugs tonight to cope with his grief about wife Lola’s death.

The car salesman – who is played by actor Jamie Borthwick in the BBC soap – has been struggling since Lola’s death from a brain tumour.

Jay has been struggling since the death of Lola

Jay has been struggling since the death of LolaCredit: BBC
He has turned to Nadine for support - and drugs

He has turned to Nadine for support – and drugsCredit: BBC


Last month he met Lola lookalike Nadine but it emerged that she was a sex worker, for hire.

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And while Jay didn’t want to have sex with her, he did really want to sleep with her. Or at least next to her.

For the past few weeks he has been paying Nadine so she can sleep in her bed and feel as if he’s close to Lola again.

But last week Callum Highway discovered he was spending his nights with sex worker Nadine and confronted them both.

He told Jay that he needed to find another way to cope because it wasn’t fair what he was doing to Lexie.

He didn’t believe Jay’s story about just sleeping next to Nadine – not until he confronted Nadine too.

Callum tried to get her to realise she was taking advantage of a grieving widower – and it seemed to work.

But when Nadine told Jay they needed to stop, he begged her for some of her drugs to make him numb and able to sleep.

Now viewers are terrified that Jay will become addicted and lose everything.

One wrote: “No Jay. No.”

A second said: “Please Jay, drugs aren’t the answer!”

Another added: “It gets worse! Jay’s been down this road before…”

Nadine looks just like his ex wife

Nadine looks just like his ex wifeCredit: BBC

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