EastEnders fans spot dark message through Keanu’s brutal death after three-year wait

EastEnders fans have drawn dark parallels between Keanu Taylor's death and his sister Chantelle's back in 2020

EastEnders fans spot dark message through Keanu's brutal death after three-year  wait - Mirror Online

Keanu Taylor was finally revealed as the EastEnders Christmas Day victim last night in brutal scenes – but fans have noticed a dark parallel between his murder and his own sister’s three years prior.

In an explosive episode full of red herrings and revelations that had fans hailing it as legendary, the six united at the pub as they confronted Nish Panesar at the Queen Vic. After he tried to drag wife Suki outside by her hair, the women tried to yank him off her before Denise smashed a bottle over his head. As he lay bleeding on the floor, they all looked on in shock as Sharon knelt down and felt his pulse and confirmed that he was dead.

However, Keanu interrupted the scene in a stupor, having been ditched at the altar by Sharon after Phil exposed Keanu for kidnapping Albie. In a furious confrontation at the church, Sharon finally revealed that his son wasn’t actually his – it was Phil’s.

Keanu Taylor was killed in chilling scenes on Christmas Day

Keanu Taylor was killed in chilling scenes on Christmas Day 



At the pub, Keanu furiously lashed out at Sharon for keeping his son away from him, going on to brutally strangle her in front of the other women. In a shocking moment, Linda grabbed a carving fork and stabbed Keanu in the back. As he collapsed, Suki rushed in to tell them the good news that Nish wasn’t actually dead and she had revived him – only to discover that Keanu was dead.

But fans have spotted the sinister mirroring between Keanu’s death and his half-sister Chantelle’s after she was killed by her abusive husband Gray. Back in 2020, Chantelle was murdered by Gray after he shoved her back onto the knives in the open dishwasher.

Chantelle and husband Gray

Chantelle was murdered by husband Gray in 2020 


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

One fan tweeted: “2020: Chantelle getting a knife in the back for standing up to her abuser. 2023: Keanu getting a knife in the back for being an abuser. #EastEnders.” While another commented: “The way the murder happened in the same place as the divorce papers. The way Chantelle & Keanu shared the same fate. The way Mel Owen lit the match on Sheanu. The way Sharon and Mel both got choked by their partners on their wedding days. Shakespeare could NEVER! #EastEnders. A third wrote: “why are people on insta so dark they just made me realise that both chantelle and keanu died from getting stabbed in the back. ty for that gonna go cry. #Eastenders.”

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