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EastEnders fans spot The Six’s downfall after ‘mistake’ in Christmas death bombshell

BBC EastEnders fans think they have worked out The Six's downfall after a new bombshell dropped on Wednesday night's episode amid the explosive Christmas death

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Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans think they have ‘rumbled’ The Six’s downfall after ‘mistake’ amid new Christmas death bombshell.

In the talked about scenes on Christmas Day, Keanu Taylor was stabbed by Linda Carter when he attempted to strangle Sharon Watts after she refused to let him see Albie. Preceding the murder, Sharon had called the wedding off, having found out that Keanu was a part of the kidnapping plot for Albie.

Sharon dropped a truth bomb telling Keanu that Albie wasn’t his son before Phil Mitchell heard the real story – that he was Albie’s biological father. This caused carnage as Keanu headed to the Queen Vic to confront Sharon. But as he started strangling her, Linda stepped in to rescue her.

But on Boxing Day’s episode, The Six decided to bury the body after dragging it across the Square in a sheet of tarpaulin, hiding it in a derelict café following the fire.

Gillian Taylforth as Cathy Beale
The Six thought their secret was safe until Rocky Cotton, who had attempted to go in the pub on Christmas Day before passing out drunk in Albert Square, dropped a shock twist to Kathy Beale. (Image: BBC)

The Six thought their secret was safe until Rocky Cotton, who had attempted to go in the pub on Christmas Day before passing out drunk in Albert Square, dropped a shock twist.

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Wednesday’s episode ended on the cliffhanger as Rocky told estranged partner Kathy Beale: “Kath, I remember what happened and what I saw last night. It was Sharon, I saw Sharon, I think she must be helping Keanu, she was stood outside the café, in her wedding dress, then she went in!

“Why would she do that, I think she’s hiding something in there, I’m going to find out!” However, the soap’s fans were quick to point out what may lead to The Six’s downfall.

EastEnders cast
The Six storyline has had everyone gripped (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem)

Which is that Rocky’s claims could be supported with CCTV footage that will also show the other five women involved and Keanu’s dead body. Taking to Twitter, now X, with their theory one watcher said: “So there’s no CCTV and no doorbell cameras in Albert Square? #Eastenders”, another asked: “Does CCTV not exist in the world of eastenders! #Eastenders” while a smart fan said: “Just watched today’s episode are the police really that dumb surely by now they would of checked CCTV and seen them lumping a suspicious body shaped package out of the pub and into the cafe #EastEnders.”

Keanu and Sharon Watts
It all kicked off between Keanu and Sharon (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Elsewhere, with The Six trying to frame Keanu for the attack on Nish Panesar, who Denise hit on the head with a Champagne bottle to save Suki, some fans also think Rocky might end up getting blamed for it all as actor Brian Conley is set to leave the BBC One soap.

Dead body
One fan said Rocky is going to get caught snooping in the cafe (Image: BBC)

On social media, a viewer wrote: “Rocky is going to get caught snooping in the cafe. He’s gonna be found with Keanu’s body and sent down for his murder #EastEnders”, while a different account tweeted: “#EastEnders Rocky is leaving tomorrow or Thursday after today’s doof doof cuz he’s gonna search the cafe, maybe the Six Will frame him when they see Keanu’s body.”

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