EastEnders fans terrified that Bobby will die in devastating fire exit

Bobby looking up in horror in EastEnders
Bobby rushed into the cafe after seeing it on fire (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders fans are fearing for Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) after he was caught up in the cafe fire.

Drowning in debt, Rocky (Brian Conley) believed he could pay back Nish (Navin Chowdhry) and provide for Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) if he set fire to the cafe and then claimed on the insurance.

However, what he failed to take into consideration was other Walford residents becoming trapped inside.

During a walk, Bobby spotted the flames in the cafe and rushed in.

He grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to get control of the blaze, but a subsequent explosion ripped through the building, leaving Bobby in serious danger.

When Rocky, Kathy and Peter (Thomas Law) arrived, it was Rocky and Peter who rushed into the cafe to try and help Bobby.

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Bobby tries to put out the blaze in EastEnders at the cafe
Bobby tried to put the fire out (Picture: BBC)

While Rocky regained consciousness after being knocked out, Bobby and Peter are now fighting for their lives.

Following his return in 2019, Bobby has become a hugely loved character for the EastEnders audience. He went on a long journey to try and live a normal life after killing Lucy Beale, and is now often seen hanging out with best friend Freddie (Bobby Brazier), working in the chippy, and generally always trying to do the right thing.

Peter is on the phone in the park in EastEnders
Peter’s life is also in jeapordy (Picture: BBC)

With Bobby’s life currently hanging in the balance, fans took to social media recently to express their fears for him and how they’re all hoping he survives.

‘Oh my god I hope Bobby doesn’t die!’, one Twitter/X user said.

Another wrote: ‘Please tell me Bobby is ok! 😭😭😭’.

If Peter and Bobby live, they will find themselves busy over the festive period, as the Beale and Knight families come together at Christmas.

Teasing what’s ahead, show boss Chris Clenshaw said:

‘We have the Beales and the Knights come together at Christmas to have Cindy’s first Christmas in ten years with her daughters and Peter, but what becomes quite apparent is her and George’s connection when they actually start to reminisce about Christmases of the past, of them together in Marbella – which is not what anyone, especially Ian or Elaine, want to hear on Christmas Day!’.

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