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EastEnders fans work out a ‘second death’ in brutal Christmas murder clue

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Following the release of another EastEnders ‘The Six’ trailer, fans are wondering if a clue has been dropped that indicates two deaths this Christmas instead of one.

Way back in February, a flash-forward sequence aired that allowed us to learn a dead body will be found on the floor in the Queen Vic this Christmas Day.

Since then, EastEnders has released four out of the six trailers featuring The Six aka Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), Suki (Balvinder Sopal), Stacey (Lacey Turner), Linda (Kellie Bright), Sharon (Letitia Dean) and Denise (Diane Parish).

Last night, after reuniting with Keanu (Danny Walters), we saw Sharon in the pub in her The Six trailer.

Keanu speaks to Sharon in the office at the Boxing Den in EastEnders
Focus is currently on Sharon, who recently reunited with Keanu (Picture: BBC)

She can be seen in a wedding dress, matching the one from the flashforward, and holding a bunch of flowers.

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The camera then pans upwards, linking nicely to the previous teaser which sees Linda Carter cleaning blood from the living room floor upstairs which has got us – and many other fans – thinking.

While the focus has been on who the dead body is downstairs in the pub, could clues in Sharon and Linda’s trailers hint at another death?

A screenshot from an EastEnders trailer featuring Linda Carter
The trailer shows Linda upstairs in the living room (Picture: BBC)
Linda Carter in front of the Vic in EastEnders
Linda’s trailer was released after Dean’s return (Picture: BBC)

Could Linda enter the pub with a bleeding lip and discover the murder, right before she confirms to the other five women there’s another victim upstairs?

The way Sharon throws the bouquet upwards and the camera panning upstairs (links to Linda’s trailer, cleaning blood) is making me think their is two body’s’, one Twitter user said.

Another eagle-eyed fan wrote: ‘What if Linda kills Dean upstairs and comes down to find they 5 have killed someone else…’.

‘As we build to Christmas, all the pieces will fall into place for what I think is going to be one of our biggest Christmases. What will become apparent is who the potential bodies are’, show boss Chris Clenshaw teased.

‘At the moment, I think it could almost be any man in Walford, but as we head toward Christmas it will become clearer who the final line up of men it could be. There’s lots of twists and turns.

‘I do think you’ll be guessing right up until the very end!’.

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