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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ horrific Eddie Knight twist

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Christopher Fairbank, Elizabeth Counsell and Colin Salmon in EastEnders pub The Queen Vic
Gloria and Eddie arrived this week (Picture: BBC)

Shortly after George Knight’s (Colin Salmon) adoptive parents arrived in EastEnders, they revealed a huge secret about his past – but fans are convinced Gloria (Elizabeth Counsell) and Eddie (Christopher Fairbank) are still hiding something from their son.

This week, George was left stunned when his mum and dad revealed that they had been paid to take him in as a baby, before eventually legally adopting him – a process known as child farming.

After a quick search, Cindy (Michelle Collins) and George found information on the process, and it seemed that most of the information rang true for George’s situation.

He had previously revealed to Cindy that his birth parents had placed an advert in the local paper for someone to take him in, and Cindy’s research revealed that this was commonplace between 1966 and 1970.

He pointed out that the research showed that it was mainly African immigrants who placed adverts in the papers, whereas he was of Jamaican heritage.

However, Cindy wasn’t sure that was entirely true, and when George pointed out that Gloria had said yes when he asked her if his parents were Jamaican, she revealed that his adopted mum could have just told him what he wanted to hear to stop him asking any questions.

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Chistopher Eubank, Elizabeth Counsell stand with Colin Salmon in the Queen Vic of EastEnders
Gloria and Eddie adopted George through a process called child farming (Picture: BBC)

As George thought about it, he realised there had been clues throughout his childhood that pointed to him not being of Jamaican heritage, which he revealed to Cindy.

As it dawned on him how little he knew about his heritage, George broke down to Elaine (Harriet Thorpe) as he admitted that he didn’t know who he was anymore.

The massive revelation from Gloria and Eddie has rocked George but for some EastEnders fans, they are convinced the newcomers are keeping another secret from the Knight family.

George on the phone in the lounge of the pub in EastEnders
The news completely threw George (Picture: BBC)

After a difficult interaction between Eddie and Gina (Francesca Henry), and a comment from Cindy about whether George’s dad had ‘done something’, many people are starting to wonder if the iconic character knows something about Eddie.

‘Cindy clearly knows something about Eddie from her reaction’, one fan said on X (formerly Twitter).

In what would be a dark and horrific storyline if true, some people are starting to speculate that Eddie might be Anna’s biological father as a result of him sexually assaulting Cindy.

‘Theory: Eddie is Anna’s father’, one fan wrote.

Another wondered: ‘Do we reckon George’s dad is actually Anna’s dad and did he SA Cindy? Because he’s implying very dark stuff to Gina and Anna about them being daughters of the same father yet so different’.

Speaking about the child farming storyline, Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw said: ‘EastEnders has a rich history of telling challenging yet truthful stories which reflect past and present events.

‘George Knight’s storyline will force him to question the identity his parents gave him from childhood as he discovers the true means by which he was adopted.

‘It was imperative that we worked with experts and people with lived experience of farming to ensure the storyline is handled as sensitively and as accurately as possible.’

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