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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ next murder victim as Suki and Eve caught kissing on CCTV

BBC EastEnders fans are fearing for the safety of Suki and Eve after Nish finally discovered their secret lesbian affair just momenta before the pair are due to flee Albert Square

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EastEnders fans are fearing the worst for Suki and Eve after Walford villain Nish finally discovered their secret affair.

Some are even threatening to “riot” if any harm comes to the pair who were due to flee together just moments after the shocking discovery. BBC fans tuned in on Tuesday (November 28) to see Nish confront Suki about money she was exchanging with Priya.

The pair lied, claiming Suki was helping her move, covering up Priya’s attempt to blackmail Suki. After giving Priya £200 from the Minute Mart till, Priya later dropped the blackmail after talking to Ravi to protect Avani.


Fans will “riot” if Nish harms Suki or Eve

Suki organized a family dinner, and Nish found out the tills were £200 short, leading him to check the CCTV cameras where he discovered Suki and Eve kissing. Fans are now worried Nish will kill or harm Suki or Eve to stop them from leaving. “Actually scared for my favourite ladies…” said one fan.

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”Scared for #suki and #Eve now,” penned a second. A third griped: “My mouth dropped open when i saw the ending of Eastenders. What an ending….” and “I am going to riot if Eve dies by nish’s hands”

Suki was preparing to flee with Eve

Fans know Nish to be a very jealous and controlling man having previously served a 20-year prison stretch for murdering a man he believed to have been having an affair with Suki. Nish actor Navin Chowdhry has even hinted his “most violent” side is set to be unleased.

“I think it’s clear to everybody that the heart-breaking jealous rage will absolutely consume him on so many level,” he told The Mirror. “The idea that he doesn’t know, when he is such a controlling man who makes sure he’s in charge and knows everything, is humiliating for him.”

Nish caught the pair kissing on CCTV

Elsewhere, Jean tried to discourage Stacey from attending Theo’s plea hearing, but Stacey was certain that she wanted to be there. Martin and Jack supported Stacey as she anxiously waited for Theo to give evidence. Theo smiled hopefully at Stacey and pleaded guilty. Back at No.31, Stacey and Eve said their goodbyes as she prepared to run away with Suki.

Karen and Keanu panicked when Malcolm arrived at Karen’s surprise party, fearing his involvement in Albie’s kidnapping would come to light. After an innocent chat with Sharon, Malcolm was disgusted to learn about his involvement in Karen and Keanu’s staged kidnapping, but when intimidated by Keanu, he agreed to stay quiet.

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