EastEnders fans ‘work out’ terrifying blackmail twist after Keanu’s murder – but did you spot the clue?

And of course Dean Wicks is involved

EASTENDERS fans believe they have worked out a terrifying blackmail plot following Keanu’s murder on Christmas day after analysing a shocking clue.

Soap fans believe Dean Wicks was in the Vic the whole time and witnessed the sinister events unfold.

EastEnders fans have 'worked out' a terrifying blackmail plot after Keanu's murder on Christmas Day

EastEnders fans have ‘worked out’ a terrifying blackmail plot after Keanu’s murder on Christmas DayCredit: BBC

They believe Dean was watching on the whole time

They believe Dean was watching on the whole timeCredit: BBC

He'd been watching Linda in the Vic earlier

He’d been watching Linda in the Vic earlierCredit: BBC

Dean (Matt Di Angelo) enters the Vic earlier in the episode to drop off a present for Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) but her dad George (Colin Salmon) kicks him out — or so he thinks.

He actually remains in the pub even after George leaves and is seen lurking around upstairs and watching Linda (Kellie Bright) during a private moment where she thinks about Mick (Danny Dyer). He also witnesses her drinking alcohol.

But Linda senses his presence and runs downstairs where she sees the backdoor is ajar.

The scene is meant to suggest that Dean exited the pub, but it’s possible he only pretended to leave and that he was watching on from the side lines as the shocking events in the Vic unfolded.

Instead, viewers think Linda actually shut Dean in when she closed the door and that he’s actually the one who tipped off the police.

Voicing their theory on social media, they said: “Who called the police from The Vic? Dean.”

Another agreed: “Dean. He’s in the pub and heard it all!”

A third fan commented: “Anyone else still waiting for Dean to pop out from his creeping corner?”

However, another fan counted their theory saying: “One fan countered: No Kathy dialled, or Linda originally, but then hung up, so it was a drop call that they investigated.”

“I think he was there purely as a red herring. The door being open is to spook Linda.” added another.

However, it’s definitely possible Dean is involved, and other fans have a strong theory.

They believe Dean was lurking in the Vic the whole time and as a result, this will lead to a terrifying blackmail plot.

One said: “What if Dean is still hiding somewhere in the Vic and heard the entire thing?”

“Yep, he heard the whole thing from upstairs so can blackmail anyone of The Six,” a second EastEnders fan agreed.

“I just can’t shake the image of him hiding in some creepy dark corner for the duration. He always seems to just be floating around out of nowhere and causing chaos,” a third agreed.

A fourth fan said: “Dean must be the silhouette in the promo image. Lurking in the shadows for the entirety.”

Another fan suggested this could even lead to something more sinister than blackmail.

They said: “Yeah and I wonder if Albie’s now gonna go missing if he’s been left alone, some heavy blackmail from Dean I’m sensing.”

Impressed with that theory, another soap fan replied: “That would actually be nuts, fake kidnapping a few weeks ago and then he actually gets kidnapped! Sharron would be in hysterics!”

The door was open, but did Dean actually leave?

The door was open, but did Dean actually leave?Credit: BBC

Moments after this Denise attacked Nish and Linda stabbed Keanu

Moments after this Denise attacked Nish and Linda stabbed KeanuCredit: BBC

EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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