EastEnders Fatboy star teases epic return to BBC soap after Dancing on Ice stint

EXCLUSIVE: Former EastEnders favourite Ricky Norwood left the BBC soap back in 2015, but now he's teased a return stint to Albert Square following his time on Dancing on Ice

EastEnders favourite Ricky Norwood has hinted Fatboy could return to Albert Square after competing on Dancing on Ice.

Loyal fans of the BBC One soap will remember how his cheeky character – otherwise known as Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chub – lit up the Walford when he arrived on the show back in 2010. During his time on the soap his character dated Mercy Olubunmi, Whitney Dean and Poppy Meadow.

He also had a close bond with Dot Branning, with him even moving in with her, cementing their friendship. But in 2015, Arthur found himself embroiled in the middle of Vincent Hubbard’s feud with the Mitchells.

When Ronnie ordered a hit on Vincent, the hitman accidentally mistook Arthur for Vincent and crushed him to death on Christmas Eve. Since then, the star has made a few minor appearances on the show, including in a dramatic flashback that was part of Cindy Beale’s comeback last year.

EastEnders Fatboy star eyes up epic return to BBC soap after Dancing on Ice
EastEnders Fatboy star eyes up epic return to BBC soap after Dancing on Ice (Image: WireImage)EastEnders, even those that have died on screen have come back in EastEnders.

“You never know what they’re cooking up. What I will say is that they’ve had a tremendous year last year, obviously phenomenal in the storylines that they’ve done.

“Especially with the character of Lola played by Danielle and then the six leading up to Christmas and then the flashback and flashforwards. I thought they really kind of upped their level and at Christmas everybody was watching EastEnders and to be a part of Cindy’s comeback in that flashback was a pleasure and an honour.”

He played Arthur "Fatboy" Chubb for five years
He played Arthur “Fatboy” Chubb for five years (Image: BBC)

He went on to share how exciting it was to be back on the set and reunite with his former colleagues both in front of and behind the camera. Ricky added: “It was great to be back there and there’s still camera guys and makeup people and so many actors that I still talk to today that were there.

“It was just it felt like being home again when I was there because you know everything. You know where all the sets are, you know if you turn this corner the Vic is going to be there or like the chippy’s gonna be behind you.”

The actor confessed that if BBC bosses wanted him to return to the soap, all they would need to do is give him a call. He chuckled: “If they wanted Fatboy back, they just need to give me a call because it’s a beautiful place to work and there really are some really talented actors, really talented directors and awesome writers right now.

He was killed off back in 2015
He was killed off back in 2015 (Image: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

“It’s just a beautiful place to be even on a long day, even when you’re strained and tired and hungry and you haven’t had time to go and get a something at lunchtime but you’ve got to crack on. There’s a camaraderie, there’s a bond, there’s a connection and everybody’s there to support each other.

“I love EastEnders with all my heart and if they ever want me a call, I’ll always come back and bring Fatboy back to life. Why not?”

Ricky is partnered up with professional figure skater Annette Dytrt who is brand new to the show this year. Speaking about their friendship on the show, the actor confessed that it’s a “dream come true” to work together in the competition.

He is competing with new pro skater Annette Dytrt
He is competing with new pro skater Annette Dytrt (Image: Instagram)

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He told fans: “I’ve finally met my pro partner!!! And it’s the lovely Annette. This is where the hard work begins!!

“Looking forward to this next chapter in the Dancing On Ice journey. Let’s go.” Fans will have to stay tuned to see how the pair will get on in the ITV skating competition.

Dancing On Ice will air on Sunday, January 14 on ITV1 and ITVX.

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