EastEnders: Feud Alert! A Major Cat Fight Coming Up Between Kathy and Cindy

Kathy Beale’s life was rocked when her former daughter-in-law Cindy Beale showed up very much alive on EastEnders. From the moment, she set foot in Walford, Cindy and Kathy picked up their “old feelings” for each other right where they had left it decades ago. Kathy lashed out at Ian, and insisted that she won’t live under the same roof as his ex-wife turned lover. The woman was hoping that Ian would chase Cindy away. Unfortunately, it blew up in her face. Soon enough, she and her new husband were homeless!

Recently, Rocky tried to pull a stunt by trying to make peace between the family under the guise that Kathy wants it. All because he blew up all his money on gambling. And now has none to pay for a new house Kathy wants on EastEnders. Unfortunately, Kathy does not know this yet. Later, Kathy confides in Sharon that she really misses her son Ian, when they discuss their current life situations. Moved, Sharon decides to make peace between mother and son. She invites Ian over for drinks where he and Kathy bury the hatchet.

After getting drunk over few drinks, the mother and son pair become highly emotional and confess their love. Thus, putting their past differences behind them. After the reconciliation, Ian and Kathy headed back to No. 45 together. Without giving much thought to how Cindy would react to Kathy’s arrival at the Beale residence. When they arrive, they are greeted by a visibly irked Cindy. It is certain that she won’t be very accepting of her ex-mother in law.

EE/ Ian and Kathy talk

How Will Cindy React To Kathy On EastEnders?

We can expect Ian to try and wager for peace between his mother and his lover/ former wife. However, it is very unlikely that peace can be restored between the two women who are nothing short of mortal enemies. The spoilers reveal that a big war is soon going to break out between Cindy and Kathy. What will Ian and Rocky do then? Moreover, how will Kathy deal with all the wreckage that ir coming her way. Cindy will surely stand between Ian and her. Her marriage with Rocky too will hit the rocks when the truth about his gambling surfaces.

EE/ A new war is coming

Interestingly, actor Brian Conley is stepping away from EastEnders, which means Rocky will ultimately leave Kathy’s life. So the upcoming days don’t look that great for Ian’s mommy dearest. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on this.

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